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Escuchando a Marco Benevento

Marco Benevento, a pianist, organist and composer from Brooklyn, has been a member of the New York jazz and experimental music scene since 1999. Benevento weaves effected piano, Hammond Organ, Wurlitzers and Electric Pianos through a variety of loop and effects pedals into beautifully orchestrated musical pieces puncuated by cuicut bending glitches and complimentary reverbs.

Rush Hour by Fernando Livschitz

¿Quieres ver más videos de Livschitz? Ve a este enlace:

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Africa is a Radio podcast


This is the music podcast of the sardonically named Africa is a Country blog.

A monthly round up of audio treats from around Africa and its diaspora with occasional commentary from the community of writers from The host of Africa is a Country Radio is Chief Boima, a DJ and contributing editor for the website. His work aims to challenge genre definitions and categorization by drawing connections across geographic distances, language, and national borders – in the process asserting the contributions of Africans, wherever they are, to the now.

Machtdose Sept 2014 podcast

Podcast September 2014

[Download link of the podcast episode is at the end of this post]
machtdose sep14 300x300   Podcast September 2014
Summer holidays are over, I’ve had a little hangover after it. But now we’re back with a very colorful episode, I think.
  1. D3Zs – Sea Spray (Featuring L-Mega) [Blocsonic BSMX0094] by nc nd   Podcast September 2014
  2. P.SUS – Becoming [Dusted Wax Kingdom DWK277] by nc nd   Podcast September 2014
  3. MaDyn – The Much Needed Stillness Of The Universe by   Podcast September 2014
  4. Miracles of Modern Science – Swipe (feat. Kristin Slipp) by nc sa   Podcast September 2014
  5. Misty Aeons – Monday Storms by nc nd   Podcast September 2014
  6. MYFEVER – Disdain by sa   Podcast September 2014
  7. duelectrum – She Doesn’t Feel The Sun by sa   Podcast September 2014
  8. Tycho Brahé – La Distance aux Choses (remix) by nc nd   Podcast September 2014
  9. Tülpa – A Cabbage Named Fred ft. BLANKTS by nc sa   Podcast September 2014
  10. M.Rux – Joga (M.RUX EDIT) by nc nd   Podcast September 2014
  11. eg – ap mrt by   Podcast September 2014
  12. Setec – Water or Concrete [Feral Media] by nd   Podcast September 2014
  13. Ends and the Ocean – Paper Trails by   Podcast September 2014
  14. Officer Jenny – Sway With Me by nc nd   Podcast September 2014
  15. Alexandre Klinke – Elegy by nc sa   Podcast September 2014
  16. Joe Frawley – Waterclock secrets by nc nd   Podcast September 2014
  17. Idiotek – trypo by void by nc sa   Podcast September 2014
  18. The Idiot Society – mr wonderful [MiMi Records mi233] by nc nd   Podcast September 2014
  19. Fourstep – Rio [Subwise SBWS178] by nd   Podcast September 2014
  20. HOME- – Resonance [Midwest Collective] by sa   Podcast September 2014
  21. Gran + – Lone Line [Bump Foot bump197] by nc sa   Podcast September 2014
  22. Poifox – Dark Horizons by   Podcast September 2014
  23. memory cards – Comatose [Mecha Yuri] by   Podcast September 2014
  24. Riajuu – 2Delicious [Mecha Yuri] by   Podcast September 2014
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The Droplift Project - ¡Sampleo descontrolado!

Album Description

thirty masterworks of audio collage,
media appropriation, and other illegal tricks
for those who can HEAR the difference

Chances are, if you bought this disc in a store, it wasn't there because the store owner put it there. Once we had these CD's printed, we went into record stores in selected locations the world over, leaving copies in the bins for you to find. We used this "droplift" technique in order to protest the current state of copyright law in this country.

Why? Because our art is composed largely of uncleared samples. Each artist on this CD is involved in a relationship with media appropriation, found sound, and the art of collage.

Sarah McLachlan en NPR World Cafe, muy buena entrevista, y la música muy buena también

Sarah McLachlan.

Canadian singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan has just returned with her first album in four years, titled Shine On. With hit albums like 1994's Fumbling Towards Ecstasy — as well as her historic efforts at the head of 1997's Lilith Fair tour — McLachlan is one of the most prominent figures in the singer-songwriter movement of the '90s.

McLachlan has experienced major life changes recently, including a divorce, the death of her father, and a new love. In this conversation on World Cafe, she describes how these transitions have influenced her work.


viernes, 26 de septiembre de 2014

Pedro Canale featured in the Bandcamp blog

Pedro Canale, Chancha Via Circuito

Argentinian producer Pedro Canale, better known to your Bandcamp collection as Chancha Via Circuito, is currently touring the U.S. with a brand-new album in hand.Amansara is his third, and his first for the New York-based Wonderwheel label, which is spearheaded by globe-trotting DJ Nickodemus.
Cutting his teeth with the ZZK crew of Buenos Aires’ digital cumbia scene, Chancha’s blending of traditional folkloric music with futuristic sounds has forged ties with fans of electronic music around the world. On Amansara he reaches beyond the boundaries of his motherland to incorporate styles and influences from neighboring South American countries, too.


XLR8R Podcast 360: Simian Mobile Disco

Podcast 360: Simian Mobile Disco

Simian Mobile Disco is a project that has gone through several stylistic iterations since the UK duo first debuted in the mid '00s, and its music admirably continues to evolve. After reaching an unexpected high-water mark with the melodic techno of 2012'sUnpatterns, James Ford and Jas Shaw have reset the template once again on Whorl, the pair's latest album. Recorded during an extended jam session in the California desert, the freshly released LP finds the duo going deeper than ever before. Later this week, Ford and Shaw will begin taking Whorl on tour around North America, and they'll be following that up with a 12-week residency at London's XOYO. Amidst all of this, we somehow convinced the veteran outfit to put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8Rpodcast.
Although Simian Mobile Disco has long been hailed for its studio prowess and live performances, the pair has always maintained a presence in the booth, often filling the downtime between album cycles with extensive DJ tours. That experience is certainly reflected in this 82-minute mix, which finds Ford and Shaw stringing together a collection of mostly new tracks. Bits of house, techno, and electro all make an appearance, but what unites them is a commitment to vibrant melodies and classic drum-machine rhythms. It's telling that even though the podcast doesn't include any selections from the Simian Mobile Disco catalog, the music is very much in keeping with the duo's sound. After all of these years, it's clear that Ford and Shaw have learned how to communicate effectively through music, regardless of whether or not that music is their own.

Six Degrees Traveler goes psychedelic

The new installment of Six Degrees' weekly internet radio broadcast is now up.

They are back up on iTunes Radio (!) and can now be found under the "Eclectic" category of iTunes radio page or at

You can also now stream the shows & follow them on Mixcloud at:

In honor of the release of Six Degrees Records' new Psychedelic Planet compilation, this week's radio show focuses on tracks that mix global sounds with psy dub, glitch, sacred bass & ambient dub. Featured artists and remixers include Makyo (remixed by Mirror System), Vieux Farka Toure (remixed by Kaminanda), Warren Cuccurullo & Ustad Sultan Khan (remixed by Karsh Kale), Sinepearl, Robert Plant and more.

Check out the full playlist at:


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Do listen to the Bandcamp podcast!

Bandcamp Weekly show illustration
00:00 / 01:30:06

Bandcamp Weekly I Am An Astronaut

Astronauts, etc. and Suicideyear chat about their new releases. We check the upcoming Black Opera LP, and heavyweight future funk by Steve Arrington, Gerwin, Sola Rosa, and Omar. Dntel and Infest deliver twisted electronics, and we air fresh picks by The Seshen, Beardyman, Gidge, plus Milo & Kool AD.
Hosted by Andrew Jervis. Illustration of Astronauts, etc. by Paul Grelet.

Música de la DJ chilena Shanti Celeste - Universal Glow

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Hi and Ho, We Plant Trees - Música para gente que siembra árboles

RELEASED:March 17th, 2008
RECORDED:December 1st, 2009
This album is a collection of old and new songs done by treeplanters, about treeplanting, and for the most part, for other treeplanters.
Not that everyone isn't welcome to bask in our nostalgia, but to truly appreciate these tunes, one must actively take part in this silvi-culture.  Other than a few exceptions, the artists who took part are veterans of the Canadian planting scene.  These campfire classics are inspired by long days out on the "block", working through the bugs and the rain and the difficult terrain and then coming back to camp, hot food, showers, and the companionship of the other boys and girls who help replant our country's vast forests every Spring/Summer. 
Below you'll find the album of course, as well as a photo gallery from Hugh Stimson, a planting slang dictionary if the need arises to look up a word or phrase while listening to the songs, and also you'll find links to some other websites if you want to read further.  And if you're really curious... come join us in the bush next season!

- Peppermill Records

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Ben Aqua, ambassador from the online underground

... a piece by Adam Harper on the emergent "online underground," a term used to describe the generation of producers who have been gradually reshaping the idea of what it means to make and release electronic music. Harper argues that this movement has uncanny echoes of the early punk scene: "the self-releasing revolution, the provocative aesthetics and the rise of a new generation." More specifically, Harper is referring to the groundswell of artists and labels whose music exists almost exclusively on sites like SoundCloud and Bandcamp, and whose visual and sonic identity is largely informed by the internet itself. This shift in thinking has seen producers sidestepping established music industry models and embracing the online platform, often building huge followings through nothing more than a basic web presence. The most visible names to come out of this "scene" are probably A.G. Cook and his PC Music stable. Both are associated with hyper-glossy forms of pop and club music with conceptual slants, playing with ideas connected to gender, consumerist culture and poor taste. (Along with Cook's collaborator SOPHIE, they're also the most controversial thing to hit electronic music in recent memory.) 

Ben Aqua is an Austin-based DJ, producer, visual artist and label owner who embodies the online underground's attitude and approach. He runs his #FEELINGS label across multiple onlineplatforms, and releases music—either for free or at low cost—that mashes high-intensity clubs styles. If you're new to the label, we recommend starting with Lotic's More Than Friends EP, #FEELINGS's first release, and then moving through Rabit'sgrimy textures, Supraman's vibrant footwork and poolboy92's slinky Jersey club. As Harper explains in the piece, the music of the online underground often arrives as bulk transmissions of weirdo sounds, from inter-connected crews and artists. It's therefore best to just dive in, click around and see what sticks. 

As an online underground primer, Aqua's RA podcast is right on the money. It's fast, slippery and wilfully garish, blending tracks by key players like A. G. Cook and SOPHIE with music from his own #FEELINGS stable. 

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Terry Bozzio's All Cymbal Drum Set

De nuevo Terry Bozzio, esta vez usando platillos solamente.

Archivar bajo "charrería"

Mudd Up!

27 de agosto 2014

Mudd Up! es un extraordinario recurso multi-culti de música, literatura y arte en general. ¡Lo recomiendo! Check it out! Los dos creadores de este proyecto son DJ Rupture y Jace Clayton (Ok, son la misma persona).

DJ /rupture

“You won’t find another musician as agile and reckless as DJ /rupture.” — Mary Ann Hobbes, BBC1
DJ Rupture is a bass visionary from New York City, known for adventurous sets that integrate music from the global South into the latest developments in club culture. His originality and grassroots cosmopolitan approach have led to collaborations with Norah Jones, the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra, filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer, and guitarist Andy Moor (The Ex).
Rupture has toured widely and released several critically-acclaimed albums since his 2001 debut,Gold Teeth Thief, which VIBE Magazine described as “a “stunning, globe-trotting, three-turntable mix… bumping, brash, and without borders.” In 2011 he was featured on the cover of WireMagazine. Rupture has done 2 John Peel sessions, and hosted a radio show on award-winning independent station WFMU for 5 years.
In 2012 Rupture made most of his mix albums available for free – you can get them here. Recent projects include Sufi Plug Ins, a free suite of music-making software based on non-western conceptions of sound. He writes and gives talks on contemporary culture under his own name,Jace Clayton.

Jace Clayton

Jace Clayton lives and works in New York City. Clayton uses an interdisciplinary approach to focus on how sound, memory, and public space interact, with an emphasis on low-income communities and the global South. A rigorous conceptual framework grounds each project it moves across areas as diverse as software design, sculptural objects, or performance. As DJ /rupture, he has performed widely and released several critically acclaimed albums. He is currently writing a book on music at the dawn of the digital century for Farrar, Straus and Giroux. (Sign up to receive his monthly newsletter)

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A veces las fotos panorámicas salen mal, muy mal

Panoramic Photos Gone Terrifyingly Wrong

Machtdose, my favorite German podcast!

Podcast July 2014

[Download link of the podcast episode is at the end of this post]
machtdose jul14 300x300   Podcast July 2014
As last time I just put up some things to have an episode at the end of the month, but there are some tracks and artists here that are really favorites of the whole year. Just try it out!
  1. One S.P. – Poetikal Refugee ft. Mikey Krumins aka Dyems [Black Lantern Music BLM00095] by nc sa   Podcast July 2014
  2. Sparky Riot – Sound & Power (feat. Carlton Livingston) by nc   Podcast July 2014
  3. OS CARAMBOLEIROS with Néstor +3 – La mierda en la boca [Amalgalmated Futureless Artists] by nc sa   Podcast July 2014
  4. Apta – Until Your Feet Hit The Ground by nc   Podcast July 2014
  5. kujyaku – aquarium in the sky [otoginomori] by nc   Podcast July 2014
  6. Virtual Proximity – Outside Looking In [esc. rec.] by nc sa   Podcast July 2014
  7. Colour Fields – Mystery Lights by   Podcast July 2014
  8. ♡kitty♡ – marijuana (prod. by chrome sparks) by sa   Podcast July 2014
  9. Milan – What If (Embassy Remix) [Free The Beats Vol. 12] by nd   Podcast July 2014
  10. fAi – I Thought The World by nc nd   Podcast July 2014
  11. Nick and the Lines – Taylor, It’s All According to Plan by   Podcast July 2014
  12. Bewildered Youth – Sunrise (Same Life) by nc   Podcast July 2014
  13. Martus – Let It Be Yours by nc sa   Podcast July 2014
  14. Perry Allen – take my bones to the valley by   Podcast July 2014
  15. Myndra – Bruxelles by nc sa   Podcast July 2014
  16. Hissing Fauna – Bad Kisingen by nc sa   Podcast July 2014
  17. My Name Is Ellipsis – Landscapes by nc nd   Podcast July 2014
  18. The Sea Life – Prozac & Merlot by nc sa   Podcast July 2014
  19. She Speaks In Tongues – Optimism by sa   Podcast July 2014
  20. The Steersmen – Later That Night by   Podcast July 2014
  21. death ray of peace – Medieval History by nc sa   Podcast July 2014
  22. Vincent Vocoder Voice – The Unbearable Happiness of Having [Father Figure Records] by nc sa   Podcast July 2014
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