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Actress at XLR8R

January 26 2014 / 26 de enero 2014


Yo apenas acabo de descubrir a XLR8R. No sé lo que el nombre significa. Sólo sé que tienen unos DJ sets fenomenales, los cuales fueron una de mis principales motivaciones para comenzar este blog. El DJ set en el enlace arriba es particularmente bueno. 

I've only recently discovered XLR8R. Don't know what its name means. All I know is they have some superb DJ sets, which were one of my motivations for starting this blog in the first place. The DJ set in the above link is particularly good. Here is what the folks at XLR8R have to say:

Every Tuesday morning, XLR8R presents the latest installment of its podcast series, highlighting an exclusive mix from an artist whose work has piqued our interest in some way. Having posted more than 300 podcast mixes over the years, it's safe to say that a wide variety of acts have contributed to the series, from intriguing up-and-comers (some of which were never heard from again) to indisputable electronic music legends. And though we're generally quite enthusiastic about all of our podcasts, we're not ashamed to admit that our anticipation levels do spike when someone particularly exciting agrees to participate. Today is one of those instances, as this week's mix was delivered by UK producer and Werkdiscs boss Darren Cunningham (a.k.a. Actress).

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