jueves, 22 de mayo de 2014

This movie really, really freaked me out when I was a kid

This weird 1969 film was made by the same gang that years later would give us the Space 1999 TV series.


This is from the film's unusually long and detailed Wikipedia entry:

Doppelgänger is a 1969 British science-fiction film directed by Robert Parrish and starring Roy ThinnesIan HendryLynn Loring and Patrick Wymark. Outside Europe, it is known as Journey to the Far Side of the Sun, which is now the more popular title.[1][2] In the film, a joint European-NASAmission to investigate a planet in a position parallel to Earth, behind the Sun, ends in disaster with the death of one of the astronauts (Hendry). His colleague (Thinnes) discovers that the planet is a mirror image of Earth.

martes, 20 de mayo de 2014

Manfred Mann's Earth Band Tribal Statistics - Somewhere In Afrika

March 26 2014 / 26 de marzo 2014

I love this song! It is featured in Manfred Mann's Earth Band's somewhat underrated 1983 album Somewhere in Afrika. Side one of this LP featured the top 40 hit Runner. The entire side two is one single musical concept: a cry of protest against the universally despised apartheid regime in Mann's natal country South Africa. Years before Artists United Against Apartheid's album and song Sun City and Paul Simon's super hit album Graceland, Mann's band was already calling out apartheid.

"Tribal Statistics" is my favorite piece from this album. It sounds like A Flock of Seagulls, but with a political conscience. It was written by Andy Qunta, who would later join Icehouse.

¡Me encanta esta canción! Es parte de Somewhere in Afrika, un disco un tanto subestimado que Manfred Mann's Earth Band sacó en 1983. El lado 1 de este elepé tiene la canción "Runner", que llegó a la lista Top 40 de Estados Unidos. El lado 2 entero tiene varias piezas unificadas por un concepto: protesta y repudio contra el universalmente detestado régimen racista apartheid en Suráfrica, país natal de Manfred Mann. Años antes de Artistas Unidos contra el Apartheid y su disco Sun City y antes del super exitoso disco Graceland de Paul Simon, ya Mann y su banda estaban condenando públicamente al apartheid.

"Tribal Statistics" es mi pieza favorita de este disco. Suena como una especie de Flock of Seagulls con conciencia política. Fue compuesta por Andy Qunta, quien luego se uniría a la banda Icehouse.

jueves, 15 de mayo de 2014

Marc Maron on The Dinner Party podcast


Episode 252: Marc Maron, Philippe Petit, and Soylent

0:00 / 50:12
Robyn Von Swank/IFC

This Week: Marc Maron gives etiquette AND time-travel advice… Graphic novelist Mimi Pond lists criminals, spies, and other bohemians … “Man On Wire” tightrope-walker Philippe Petit explores creative chaos…  “The Descendants” author Kaui Hart Hemmings tells a new tale… load up on Kleenex ’cause here comes SADvertising… the history of the least respected trophy in sports… and Rico tastes Soylent: the pasty beige future of food.  PLUS: Our listeners sound off about mouths and sounds.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images Entertainment

"Expensive Seats" - Marc Maron

Comedian Marc Maron with a joke about a woman with a good excuse for not using her Super Bowl ticket.

KANSAS - People of the South Wind

April 27 2014

This may be my all time favorite Kansas song. From the very underrated 1979 album Monolith, which I bought when I was 13.

miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2014

Bruce Woolley & The Camera Club - Video Killed The Radio Star

19 de abril 2014

"Video Killed The Radio Star", una de las canciones más emblemáticas del "boom" de la música new wave de fines de los años 70, es recordada como obra del dúo The Buggles. Pero si se fijan en los créditos, la canción tiene TRES compositores, no solamente Trevor Horn y Geoff Downes de The Buggles. El tercer compositor es Bruce Woolley. Los tres escribieron la canción "Baby Blue" para Dusty Springfield, la cual llegó a las listas de éxitos radiales en 1979. Acto seguido, los tres formaron The Buggles y compusieron "Video Killed the Radio Star", pero Woolley no estaba realmente interesado en el proyecto y se rajó, formando su propio conjunto, llamado The Camera Club. 

El grupo de Woolley sacó su primer disco apenas unas semanas antes que los Buggles, por lo que se puede considerar que la suya técnicamente es la versión ORIGINAL de "Video Killed the Radio Star". El tecladista de The Camera Club era nada menos que Thomas Dolby.

martes, 13 de mayo de 2014

Trevor Rabin- "Walls" 90124 2003

¿Cuantos fans del rock progre saben que Roger Hodgson de Supertramp audicionó para el grupo Yes en 1990? La canción "Walls", compuesta por Trevor Rabin, fue utilizada en el disco Talk de Yes, que salió en 1994. Pero este es el demo original de 1990, con Hodgson cantando.

Esto es lo que dice la sagrada Wikipedia sobre la canción:

An earlier single, "Saving My Heart" from 1991's Union, was originally intended as a collaboration between Yes guitarist Trevor Rabin and former Supertramp vocalist and songwriter Roger Hodgson.[1] Although that track was eventually recorded and released as a Yes song without Hodgson's involvement, "Walls", another Rabin–Hodgson collaboration, was included on Talk, with additional songwriting credits by Yes vocalist Jon Anderson.[2]
"Walls" reached number 24 on the Mainstream Rock chart in 1994.[3]
Rabin later included a pre-Yes version of the song on his album of demo recordings, 2003's 90124, where it is titled "Walls Demo 1990".[4] Hodgson shares vocals with Rabin on the demo as well.

domingo, 11 de mayo de 2014

The latest NPR All Songs Considered show: Tori Amos Song Premiere, A Wes Anderson Tribute, and More


Clockwise from upper left: Tori Amos, Zee Avi, Alice Boman, Fenster

Text from the All Songs Considered web site:

TORI AMOS has spent the past several years exploring other worlds of music. She released two albums of classical-inspired work, including a collection of her earlier pop songs retooled as orchestral tracks. Most recently she helped write a musical for the London National Theater. But this month Amos is back with Unrepentant Geraldines, a new album filled with her signature piano-driven baroque pop songs. On this week's All Songs Considered hosts Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton premiere "16 Shades Of Blue," a new cut from the album, and talk about why it's Amos' best record in 20 years.

sábado, 10 de mayo de 2014

Manfred Mann - Third World Service

Another great song from Manfred Mann's Earth Band's 1983 album Somewhere in Afrika.

This is from Wikipedia:

By this time Mann had become personally active in the international anti-apartheid movement and was banned from entering his home country of South Africa. Undeterred, members of the band made journeys to South Africa to record African musicians for the album Somewhere in Afrika (which in some ways pre-figured Paul Simon's Graceland). 

Heavy Metal Poisoning - Styx

May 1 2014

File this song and video under GUILTY PLEASURES. 

In 1983 the pretentious and overblown Kilroy Was Here album sent Styx down an artistic and creative black hole from which it never came out.

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Support dublab! If there ever was one badass music project deserving of your support, this one is it.


And that's dublab with a lowercase "d". Because these folks are way too cool for uppercase characters.

dublab Proton Drive Fundraiser

dublab is a listener supported, non-profit web radio station celebrating 15 years of elevated vibrations. We rely upon your contributions to achieve our positive music mission. During the Spring 2014 Proton Drive Fundraiser we are broadcasting live each weekday 8am-8pm PST to inspire your action. Click below to listen and help keep the creative music flowing by giving a tax-deductible donation. Please tell a friend about the Proton Drive by sending out this tweet!

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02 - Fred Simon ~ Time and the River

April 4 2014

This is the first Fred Simon song I heard, it's featured in the Soul of the Machine electronic music compilation released by Windham Hill records in 1987. I had already heard Simon playing keyboards for the Jerry Goodman band. If you dig 1970's prog, then Simon's music is for you. 

viernes, 2 de mayo de 2014

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Eyes of Nostradamus

A song by Al Stewart covered by Manfred Mann's Earth Band in their 1983 album Somewhere in Afrika.

Hooray for T-kay!