jueves, 31 de julio de 2014

Traveler’s “Songs The Birds Sing” Mix


Traveler Installment 369 – Traveler’s “Songs The Birds Sing” Mix

Artist | Track Title | Album | Label
Kate Bush | Prelude | Aerial | Novercia
The Real Tuesday Weld | Black Birdies Come |The End Of The World | Six Degrees
Neil Young | Birds | After The Gold Rush | Reprise
The Earlies | Dead Birds | These Were The Earlies | Names
Meklit | Plume | We Are Alive | Six Degrees
Powerdove | Flapping Wings | Circle Into Square Compilation Vol. 2 | Circle Into Square
Julie Fowlis | Blackbird | Mojo Presents The White Album Recovered (August 2008) | Free Mojo CD
Agnes Obel | Brother Sparrow | Philharmonics | PIAS
Iron & Wine | Two Hungry Blackbirds | Unreleased Early Recordings | Promo Only
Torn Sail | Birds (Frankie Valentines Air Sign Mix) | Birds | Claremont 56
It’s A Beautiful Day | White Bird | It’s A Beautiful Day | Classic Music Vault
Jerry Garcia | Bird Song | Garcia |  Grateful Dead Records
The Ruby Suns | There Are Birds | Sea Lion | Sub Pop
Pantaleimon | All The Birds (Andrew Liles Remix) | Heart Of the Sun | Durtro
Telefon Tel Aviv | The Birds | Immolate Yourself | Bpitch Control
Noumena | Birds Flights | Starving But Happier! | Promo Only
The Beatles | Blue Jay Way | Magical Mystery Tour | Apple
Calexico | Woven Birds (Stratus Remix) | Promo Only
Rain Tree Crow | Blackcrow Hits Shoe Shine City | Raintree Crow | Virgin
Dirt Bacharach | Birds | Promo Only
Peter Gabriel | Excellent Birds (What If? Re-Edit) | Promo Only
Silver Convention | Fly Robin Fly (Alkalino Remix) | Promo Only
Birds of Paradise | Wingspan | Ascended Blasters | Addictech
Kate Bush | Aerial | Aerial | Novercia
Keith Kenniff | Sparrow Song | Branches  | Viillage Green
John Daly | Birds | In Loving Memory | One Track
Kuniyuki Takahashi | Birds-Tonny Lionni Remix|  Remixed | Mule

miércoles, 30 de julio de 2014

RA does it again - DJ set by Oliver Hafenbauer


"Conventional wisdom dictates that people produce music and then get DJs gigs relative to the level of success their records attain. Oliver Hafenbauer isn't a famous producer, but his behind-the-scenes work at Robert Johnson, the highly respected Offenbach venue, has given him a platform to show just how great a DJ he is. If anything, his role as a music director at the club is arguably more complementary to DJing than making music, closely considering, as he does each day, who and what moves a discerning dance floor. Hafenbauer also takes care of Live At Robert Johnson, the club's in-house label. LARJ hosted a much-loved mix CD series—Dixon, Ivan Smagghe, Roman Flügel and Prins Thomas all contributed editions—but these days the label is focussed on releasing high quality club music from its extended family—Massimiliano Pagliara, Arto Mwambe et al—and beyond. When also you consider that Hafenbauer has a hand in Club Michel, the restaurant connected to Robert Johnson, it's impressive that he maintains a gig schedule that sees him playing Europe's better nightclubs most weekends."

martes, 29 de julio de 2014

From the Bandcamp blog: Brooklyn Electronic Foundation: Our Friends Electric

To read the full article and discover some really cool music go to this link:

“What brings those three and my label—Styles Upon Styles—together, is our attention to people who may or may not be based in New York but are definitely inspired by New York, and the free-form nature of the music; tapping into any sort of style or genre in the city and building that into whatever’s honest to that producer or musician.”
An alliance is gathering strength in Brooklyn.
Don’t worry, we’re not talking about a secret consortium of realtors and restaurateurs and their trust-fund-rocker fifth columnists, all hell-bent on colonizing every last corner of the five boroughs to make way for new condos and $6 cups of coffee.
We’re talking about a new force within the city’s underground and experimental electronic music scenes, one determined to carve out new possibilities in club music, DIY party-making, and home listening that’s informed by both.
In some ways, it’s an accidental alliance, given that the diverse set of labels we’re talking about are linked by a couple of key players, namely Matt Werth, who runs RVNG Intl. and distributes Tim Sweeney’s Beats in Space, and Phil Tortoroli, a label manager, publicist, A&R, and jack-of-all-trades who has a hand in the day-to-day operations of RVNG, Beats in Space, Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S., and Daniel Lopatin’s Software. With his friend Cam Curran, Tortoroli also helms Styles Upon Styles and its Bangers and Ash sub-label.

lunes, 28 de julio de 2014

The German duo BAR featured in dublab's MP3 blog


BAR – Adios

The Düsseldorf duo BAR, consisting of Stabil Elite musician Lucas Croon and Christina Irrgang, is elegant, stylish and smooth, perfect soundtrack for neon lit lofts in some industrial neighborhood. This is also dance music to enjoy by the coast, in a villa in some island. “Welcome to BAR” is recorded, produced and emotionally arranged on various synthesizers, the drums, with film soundtrack samples, vocal collages and instruments such as the pocket piano, which Croon and Irrgang became aware of in Los Angeles through their acquaintance with Diva Dompé. A passionate work that keeps it cool at all times.

BAR - Adios 01:56 

domingo, 27 de julio de 2014

Marisa Anderson: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Marisa Anderson

download audio
17 min 11 sec
• Marisa Anderson knows where American guitar music has been and where it is now, and probably possesses an inkling of where it can go. She's studied the history and musical nuance of blues, country and folk music through and through, and ingests it all in a style that's as raw as it true. But mostly, Anderson just wants to kick up some dirt — which isn't easy here, given that the NPR Music offices are relatively clean. (Mind the towering stacks of CDs, though. They could topple over at any time.)
In 2013, Anderson released two albums. December's Traditional and Public Domain Songs contains exactly what its title suggests; as she says, "I thought of these songs like our national parks — they belong to all of us. If we don't use 'em, we'll lose 'em, I reckon, or someone will buy 'em." At the Tiny Desk, that includes Stephen Foster'sparlor song "Hard Times Come Again No More," in which she slowly builds the melody with a violent shake.

TO READ MORE: http://www.npr.org/event/music/331991395/marisa-anderson-tiny-desk-concert

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Bandcamp Weekly podcast: Tommy Guerrero Takeover


Bandcamp Weekly show illustration
00:00 / 01:25:43

Bandcamp Weekly Tommy Guerrero Takeover

This week's show features an in-depth interview and tons of tunes from San Francisco skater and musician Tommy Guerrero. We also air new music by legendary drummer Ginger Baker, electronic producer Napoleon, beat maker Kankick, the gospel soul of Ricki Byars Beckwith, plus Palace and Purmamarca.
Hosted by Andrew Jervis. Illustration of Tommy Guerrero by Oliver Barrett.

Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez on dublab, it's Dopelab now!


Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez – Interviewed by Danny Holloway + KD Tribute Mix by DJ Destroyer (04.14.13)

“It’s so hard to write something brief about Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez, his history is so long + dense. He has really helped alter the way we experience music with his productions, remixes, solo projects, Masters At Work output and releases on his Kay-Dee imprint. Kenny is a beat-head and rabid wax collector. The titles in his personal 45 collection are ridiculous. Nearly all of his sevens are in immaculate condition and triple sleeved. The big man with the love of rhythm-driven music and passion for powerful club cuts dropped by the dublab studio for this interview before heading to the airport to board another plane to further spread the fever.” –Danny Holloway
Kenny Dope Interviewed by Danny Holloway 

Kenny didn’t have time to drop a mix while at dublab, so long-time fan DJ Destroyer assembled a KD tribute mix. These are soul steeped classics that never fade. Enjoy!
KD Tribute Mix by DJ Destroyer 

1. Blood Vibes – Masters At Work
2. Get On Down – Kenny Dope Unreleased Project
3. Just A Lil Dope – Masters At Work
4. Supa – Kenny Dope
5. Funky Jeep Music – Kenny Dope
6. Gunshot – Kenny Dope
7. Inside – Kenny Dope Unreleased. Project
8. And There Ain’t – Kenny Dope
9. Hittin’ The Bottle – Kenny Dope Pres. Powerhouse 3
10. Brazilica (Yeah) – Kenny Dope
11. Let’s Get It Off (Kenny Dope Remix) – Raphael Cameron
12. Just Plain Funky (Original Mix) – The Dungeon Tapes
13. I’m For Real – The Untouchables
14. The Bucket Bootleg – Kenny Dope
15. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (MAW Dub) – Saint Etienne
16. Photograph Of Mary (MAW Mix) – Trey Lorenz
17. The Buff Dance – Masters At Work
18. The Boss (MAW Dub) – The Braxtons
19. Yeah (The Dope Mix) – The Swing Kids
20. The Bomb! (Kenny’s Remix) – The Dungeon Tapes
21. K-Warp – Kenny Dope
22. The Child (Kenny Dope Radio Edit) – Alex Gopher
23. Take You Out – Man Without A Clue
24. Change (Makes You Want To Hustle) (Kenny Dope Mix) – Mugo
25. Soul To The People (Kenny Dope Extended) – The Fantastic Souls
26. Invocation (Prod. By Kenny Dope) – Rasheed Chappell
Photo by: Azul213

viernes, 25 de julio de 2014

Anenon – Karma

From the Dublab web site


Karma is part of the new Anenon‘s record “Sagrada”. Conceived as a document to bridge Simon’s more precise studio practices with his increasingly free form and saxophone-focused live shows, this is a true document of precise instrumentation, calculated production and an improvisational spirit that moves with a every step into a new form.
Sagrada will be out on September 23rd on 
Non Projects.
Anenon - Karma 

Roxy Music - More Than This (High Audio Quality)

22 de febrero 2014

Sin Roxy Music nunca hubiera habido Duran Duran, ni ABC, ni Thompson Twins, ni Spandau Ballet. Grupos y artistas que reconocen a Roxy como influencia incluyen a David Bowie, The Sex Pistols, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cars, Grace Jones, Kate Bush, Adam Ant, The Human League, Japan, Simple Minds, The Fixx, Depeche Mode, Men Without Hats, Nile Rodgers, Annie Lennox y Morrissey.

Por esa banda pasaron titanes del pop- no solamente Ferry, McKay y Manzanera, sino también Brian Eno, John Wetton y Eddie Jobson.

martes, 22 de julio de 2014

From dublab: John Tejada – Live Sprout Session


john tejada
We have another super special performance for you right from the same session that brought you this amazing Plaid set! The SFV’sJohn Tejada set up shop in the studio and laid down an ever evolving live hardware set with his dual Elektron set up, featuring an Octatrack and an Analog Four. Throw this set on and get ready to dance all night long!
John Tejada - Live Sprout Session (07.08.14) 


lunes, 21 de julio de 2014

Patty Griffin - I Don't Ever Give Up

February 5 2014 / 5 de febrero 2014

No self-help book could ever be as inspiring as this song.

Ningún librito de autoayuda podría inspirar tanto con esta canción.

domingo, 20 de julio de 2014

Six Degrees Ambient Traveler


Six Degrees is an eclectic, independent music label that produces and markets genre-bending, accessible recordings that explore world music, ambient, folk, contemporary classical and intelligent pop music. Through consistency of quality, distinctive visual presentation and creative and aggressive marketing, we strive to create releases that stand out from the pack and offer a real alternative to consumers who are looking to discover new sounds from around the world. 


Traveler Installment 368 – “Ambient World Traveler”

Artist | Track Title | Album | Label
Dom La Nena | “O Vento (Arturo En El Barco Remix)”| Ela Por Eles | Six Degrees
Dirtwire feat. Kongar ol Ondar | “The Nine Heavens” | Ondar EP | Six Degrees
Warren Cuccurullo & Ustad Sultan Khan | “The Holy Man’s Plea” | The Master | Six Degrees
Azam Ali | “Abode (Bombay Dub Orchestra’s Continental Drift Remix)” | Elysium Remixes | Six Degrees
Moon Frog | “Psy Yogi Dub” | http://soundcloud.com/moonfrog
Max Cooper | “Woven Ancestry” | Human | Fields
Yosi Horikawa | “Dropping” | Touch | Eklectic
Pacifika | “Corre Ya”| Amor Planeta | Six Degrees
Murcof | “Como Quisiera Decirte” | InFine By Jean Michel Jarre | InFine
Moon Frog | “Star Portal” | http://soundcloud.com/moonfrog
Zeb the Spy From Cairo | “Albanian Rhapsody” | http://soundcloud.com/zeb-the-spy-from-cairo/albanian-rhapsody
DJ Drez | “So High” | 4am Plum Mood | Black Swan
Bombino | “Ahoulaghuine Akaline (King Britt Remix)” | Single | Cumbancha
Bombay Dub Orchestra | “Songs From The Seven Towers (Ambient Orchestral Remix)” | Forthcoming | Six Degrees
Max Cooper | “Woven Ancestry (Olaf Stuut Remix)” | Fields
Shrift | “Hum” | Lost In A Moment | Six Degrees
Red Axes feat. Abrao | “Papa Sooma” | Ballad of the Ice | I’m A Cliché
Aquarian Foundation | “Dream Of The Red Chamber” | 12″ | Mood Hut
Basti Grub | “Primavera” | Primavera | Hohenregler
Max Cooper | “Woven Ancestry (Lusine Remix)” | Fields