viernes, 11 de julio de 2014

J D Emmanuel – History of a Time Traveler

Music, text and photo from the dublab web site

J D Emmanuel is a music creator we have infinite love for. This amiable, universal traveler is deeply passionate about his craft. J D opens the “about” section of his website with the following words, “Basically, I am a Seeker, someone who is always interested in learning more about my relationship to the Universe and the Source of My Being.” He humbly invites listeners along for this voyage of deep exploration.
J D recorded this session especially for dublab’s Spring 2014 Proton Drive Fundraiser Broadcast. It is an eye opening light shedder. In the first hour, J D sketches his sonic history and inspirations by playing early works and speaking about their creation. In the second hour, he focuses on new compositions and his honest, artistic progression. J D calls this offering, “A very unique and different experience for me,” and we guarantee it will be for you as well. Let’s travel!
J D Emmanuel - History of a Time Traveler (05.29.14) 

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