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Cécile McLorin Salvant - WomanChild

Cécile McLorin Salvant was born and raised in Miami, Florida of a French mother and a Haitian father. She started classical piano studies at 5, and began singing in the Miami Choral Society at 8. Early on, she developed an interest in classical voice, began studying with private instructors, and later with Edward Walker, vocal teacher at the University of Miami. 
In 2007, Cécile moved to Aix-en-Provence, France, to study law as well as classical and baroque voice at the Darius Milhaud Conservatory. It was in Aix-en-Provence, with reedist and teacher Jean-François Bonnel, that she started learning about improvisation, instrumental and vocal repertoire ranging from the 1910s on, and sang with her first band. In 2009, after a series of concerts in Paris, she recorded her first album "Cécile", with Jean-François Bonnel's Paris Quintet. A year later, she won the Thelonious Monk competition in Washington D.C.
Cécile performs unique interpretations of unknown and scarcely recorded jazz and blues compositions. She focuses on a theatrical portrayal of the jazz standard and composes music and lyrics which she also sings in French, her native language as well as in Spanish. She enjoys popularity in Europe and in the United States, performing in clubs, concert halls, and festivals accompanied by renowned musicians like Jean-Francois Bonnel, Rodney Whitaker, Aaron Diehl, Dan Nimmer, Sadao Watanabe, Jacky Terrasson (she was the guest singer on his latest album, Gouache), Archie Shepp, and Jonathan Batiste.  She is the voice of Chanel's "Chance" ad campaign for the third consecutive year. In August 2012, Cécile recorded WomanChild for the Mack Avenue Label with Aaron Diehl, Rodney Whitaker, Herlin Riley and James Chirillo.

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COLLIN WALCOTT "Margueritti"

Collin Walcott was one of the first sitar players to play jazz. As a member of OregonWalcott's flexibility, interest in different cultures, and ability to play not only sitar but tabla and other percussion instruments made him a very valuable musician. Early on, he studied violin for two years, and played both snare drum and tympani in school. Walcott also studied percussion at Indiana University, and took sitar and tabla lessons with Ravi Shankar and Alla Rakha, respectively. After stints with Tony Scott (1967-1969) and Tim Hardin, he became a member of the Paul Winter Consort in 1970. Walcott left the group with three other musicians (Ralph TownerPaul McCandless, and Glen Moore) in 1971 to form Oregon. In addition to recording and touring with Oregon, a unique folk-jazz group, Walcott recorded with Miles Davis in 1972, and was a member of Codona (a trio with Don Cherry and Nana Vasconcelos) that recorded for ECM. Tragically, Collin Walcott was killed in a traffic accident while on tour with Oregon in East Germany. He led three sessions for ECM and can be heard on the Codona and early Oregon recordings.

- Scott Yanow

Eleanor Friedberger - False Alphabet City


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Quilt - "Eliot St."

"No Hell" Cloud Cult


New York Times: “A sprawling kaleidoscopic invocation of the life force with songs that veer from jubilation to simmering prayerful meditation.”

Rolling Stone: “The instrumental arsenal of the Arcade Fire mixed with the gentle electronic throb of the Postal Service.”

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Paz Court - No Somos Los Mismos

Geoffrey Oryema - Makambo

Geoffrey Oryema left Uganda 30 years ago, and has ever since been living in Paris, FRANCE, his country of citizenship.He was one of the pioneers of “Theatre Limited”, the first Academy of Dramatic Arts, and professional Theatre troupe of its kind, in East and Central Africa, in the seventies.This school produced some of Ugandas’ best actors / artists / musicians, under the the direction of the famous playwright / actor, the late Robert Sserumaga.

Guest lecturers attached to the school, included David Rubadiri, Father Okello (Music, Dance & Drama Dept. of Makerere University), and foreign lecturers who visited the school periodically, for Workshop / Lecture sessions. Ugandan Traditional Music Masters (Evaristo Muyinda, Pantaleo Apire, etc..), full time members of the famous, and national dance troupe, “ The Heart Beat Of Africa”,
Were also part of the program, established by the Academy.

Geoffrey Oryema spent 5 years in this school, specialising in “Konstantin Stanislavskys’ ” (Famous Russian Poet & Playwright), and Grotoskys’ methods of acting, where controled improvisation played a key role.

The school was financed by foreign, and local funds; the first troupe went into residency in autumn 1971, at the National Theatre, which quickly became its functioning base, and under a separate agreement, used Makerere University facilities for its’ theoretical work.


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Daniel Lockhart is the workhorse of the dubstep scene. A DJ since the age of 12, he spent his teenage years working at the influential Black Market Records as well as putting out some of the dubstep's earliest records. Lockhart dropped out of school to focus on his career in the genre. His dedication paid off: look through the annals of dubstep history and Lockhart's Youngsta alias is one of the most common names you'll see. He played at the earliest FWD>> nights and mixed the foundational entries in the Dubstep Allstars series. He lived dubstep, and as others in the scene drifted towards house and techno, Lockhart remained loyal to a traditional idea of the genre—a dark, brooding strain once dubbed the "dungeon sound." As a result, Lockhart is a leading figure, inspiring both veterans sticking to their guns and a new generation pumping out classic dubstep beats. But he's far from a navel-gazer trying to relive glory days, nor is he a purist. 

Lockhart is a noted perfectionist, known for asking artists to adjust the sounds of hi-hats and other minute details before he'll play their tracks. That careful style bleeds into his DJing, too. He's not the kind of DJ who cuts quickly between tracks and races to the drop. Instead, he lets the tunes breathe, which makes his sets feel more dynamic. His RA podcast is a great example, moving through cuts from Addison Groove, Boddika and Paleman before diving into a deep dubstep session marked by his steady hand and impeccable taste. 

Lady in Love - Megan McDonough

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Africa is a Radio: Season 2, Episode 7


Cafe Bahia, The San Joaquim Market, Salvador da Bahia, Brazil
2015’s last episode of Africa is a Radio features a snippet from an extended interview with Pakistani-American journalist Rafia Zakaria, as well as a selection of tunes from Africa and the rest of the Atlantic world.
Check it out below, and see you in 2016!
1) Raury – Devil’s Whisper
2) Burna Boy – Soke
3) Oliver Mtukudzi – Ndima Ndapedza
4) Gah Gah – Kasbah
5) Interview with Rafia Zakaria
6) Booba – Mon Pays
7) Nasty C – Juice Back Remix feat. Davido and Cassper Nyovest
8) Ziminino – Intermitência
9) Nega Gizza – Filme de terror
10) Santos Junior – N’Gui Banza Mama
11) Fabregas – Mascara
12) Franko – Coller la petite
13) VVIP – Dogo Yaro feat. Samini
14) Kafu Banton – Vivo en el ghetto
15) Lokassa Ya Mbongo – Bonne année

Eclair Fifi: The Scottish DJ drops a wild 60 minutes


Clair Stirling is a radio host, artist and designer who is best known as an in-house DJ for the Glasgow label/collective LuckyMe. She's played a large role in defining LuckyMe's multidisciplinary flair, contributing artwork—including sleeves for Machinedrum and Baauer—styling for music videos and general visual direction. Through her regular appearances on Rinse FM, she showcases the sound of LuckyMe, a broad church that's rooted in electronic music but throws mutated forms of hip-hop and pop into the blender. Stirling got her start in radio aged 16, although her roots in dance music go back to her childhood, which is when her parents introduced her to house and techno. She hosted a show on interFACE, the world's first online pirate radio station, and went on to present on BBC Radio 1 as part of the station's In New DJs We Trust series. These experiences have shaped Stirling into an adventurous selector who casually and confidently joins the dots between disparate club styles. 

On her RA podcast, it takes Stirling all of two minutes to demonstrate this knack: she opens with a Shackleton-esque new track by the footwork artist Jlin before easing into a breezy '80s freestyle cut by Cynthia Roundtree. What follows is a gripping collision between classic and contemporary, with raw house and techno rhythms bumping against fresh beats from talents like Blacksea Não Maya, Shanti Celeste and Inkke. 

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Resident Advisor entrevista a Morton Subotnick, genio y pionero de la música electrónica

When Morton Subotnick started his career in electronic music at the dawn of the 1960s, the genre barely existed. The primary "instrument" was the reel-to-reel tape machine, and although there were oscillators, they were part of laboratories, not synthesizers. Subotnick, who'd grown up as a clarinet prodigy and was by this point a member of San Francisco's avant-garde, seemed to have a near-psychic understanding of what advancements in electronics could mean for music, and he set about building the instrument of the future. He found a collaborator in Don Buchla, and with their Buchla Series 100 synthesizer, Subotnick composed the 1968 classic Silver Apples Of The Moon. The piece is notable both for being the first electronic composition commissioned by a record label, but more importantly, it was a piece that could only be electronic music. Subotnick has remained active as a composer, performer and educator ever since, and he's amassed innumerable stories over his half-century-long career. Jordan Rothlein met him in New York to commit an hour's worth of them to tape.

Mari Kalkun - Mu õnn

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Tennyson - Like What?

Brad Mehldau - Waltz for J. B.

During the '90s and into the 2000s, Brad Mehldau was one among a plethora of young jazz pianists who rose to prominence. He is one of the more absorbing and thoughtful practitioners within that idiom, and he is receptive to the idea of using material from the rock era (Paul McCartney's "Blackbird," for example). Though Mehldau's training is primarily classical, his interest in jazz began early. He played in the Hall High School jazz band of Hartford, Connecticut, winning the Berklee College of Music's Best All-Around Musician Award while still in his junior year of high school. He studied jazz at New York's New School for Social Research under Fred HerschJunior ManceKenny Werner, and Jimmy CobbCobb soon hired him to play in his band, Cobb's Mob, and Mehldau also played and recorded with the Joshua Redman Quartet before forming his own trio in 1994 and recording his first Warner Bros. album, Introducing Brad Mehldau, in 1995. Art of the Trio, Vol. 1 followed in 1997, with the next two volumes in the series appearing over the following months. Two years later, Mehldau returned with Elegiac Cycle, as well as Art of the Trio, Vol. 4: Back at the VanguardPlaces followed in 2000, consisting of all-original compositions focusing on various cities, hence the title of the album. 
Another Art of the Trio album came out in 2001, but the most significant release was Largo, which recorded Mehldauperforming with other groups outside of his usual trio format. This was a big change from his previous work, and offered new challenges as he adapted to several interesting lineup situations. Mehldau followed the genre-bending album with the standards-based Anything Goes and Live in Tokyo in 2004, with Day Is Done arriving the following year. In 2006, he released House on Hill as well as Love Sublime, the latter with soprano vocalist Renée Fleming on Nonesuch Records. Mehldau chose to work with his trio plus Pat Metheny on Quartet in 2007; he followed it up with with the double-disc Live in 2008, which was recorded with his trio at the Village Vanguard.

Richard S. Ginell

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Elvis Costello on the Internet, Records, and Imitation


Elvis Costello's voice is unmistakably his own, and for nearly four decades his music has earned him fans around the world. The singer-songwriter is also now the author of a memoir, Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink. This week for the New York Public Library Podcast, we're proud to present Elvis Costello discussing the long memory of the internet, influential records, and imitation.

Martinho da Vila - Ex amor

An important composer of the samba of the hills, Martinho da Vila has written many successful sambas-enredo (the vehicles for the parades of the samba schools during the Carioca Carnival). As a composer and interpreter, he has recorded more than 30 LPs and CDs, some of which have sold over one million copies. His songs have been recorded by many interpreters, among them SimoneBeth CarvalhoRoberto Ribeiro, and Alcione
At 13, da Vila began to frequent the Escola de Samba Aprendizes da Boca do Mato. At 15, he wrote the samba de terreiro "Piquenique." In 1957, he began to write one samba-enredo per year for his samba school's parade, beginning with "Carlos Gomes" in that year, and following with "Tamandaré" (1958), "Machado de Assis" (1959), "Rui Barbosa na Conferência de Haia" (1960), and nine others in subsequent years. Along with the role of composer, he also was the mestre de harmonia of that school. In 1965, the school paraded to his samba "Construtores da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro," and in the next year he moved to G.R.E.S. Unidos de Vila Isabel (where he developed a new style of samba-enredo) and adopted the nickname Martinho da Vila. In 1967, he participated in the III FMPB with the partido-alto "Menina moça." In the same year, he appeared in the show A Fina Flor do Samba, at the Teatro Opinião (Rio), singing his songs. The samba school Unidos de Vila Isabel paraded in the same year with his "Carnaval de ilusões" (with Gemeu). In 1968 and 1969, he continued to have his sambas-enredo sung by escolas de samba,having Eliana Pittman sing (with Rodolfo de Souza) his "Laiá do cais dourado" in the latter year. In 1968, he appeared in the show Samba Autêntico, No. 1 and in the IV FMPB, with "Casa de bamba." The samba was included on his first LP, released in the same year through RCA Victor. The group A Voz do Samba (of whom he was a member) recorded an LP with his songs in 1970. "Segure tudo" reached the hit parade in 1972, and with "Canta, canta, minha gente" and "Disritmia," he broke sales records in 1974. He continued composing the annual samba-enredo for the Unidos da Vila Isabel throughout the following years. His Tá delícia, tá gostoso (Sony, 1995) album sold 1.5 million copies. He had an entire album dedicated to his compositions by singer Simone in 1996 (Café com leite). He launched new talents of the samba community, like the groups Compassos da Vila and Roda de Saia, and the sambistas Agrião and Tiago Mocotó. Active as a black awareness proponent, he promoted interchanges with Africa in shows, lectures, and albums.
Alvaro Neder

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Boca Livre "Toada (Na Direção do Dia)"

Boca Livre is one of the most successful vocal/instrumental groups in Brazil. It was formed in 1978 by Maurício Maestro (bass/vocals), Zé Renato (violão/vocals), Cláudio Nucci (violão/vocals), and David Tygel (violão/vocals). Their first album, Boca Livre (1979), was a best-selling album produced and released independently until then in Brazil. In 1993 the group appeared in Jon Anderson's Deseo. Their CD Dançando Pelas Sombras (1992) was released in the U.S. (Xenophile), earning praise from the specialized press. In 1993, Fernando Gama substituted Nucci, and in 1995 Tygel was replaced by Lourenço Baeta. The first CD released with that formation, the live recorded Songboca (Velas) was awarded with a Sharp prize. The group has changed its formation since then, with Zé Renato being replaced by Nucci in 2000, and their members keep their solo careers in parallel. The Boca Livre albums are Bicicleta (1980), Folia (1981), Boca Livre (1983), Em Concerto (1989), Dançando Pelas Sombras (1992), Songboca (1994), Americana (1996), Boca Livre 20 Anos (1997), and Boca Livre e 14 Bis ao Vivo (2000). Among their hits are "Mistérios" (Joyce/Maurício Maestro), "Anima" (Zé Renato/Milton Nascimento), "Toada" (Zé Renato/Claudio Nucci/Juca), "Quem Tem a Viola" (Juca/Zé Renato/Xico Chaves/Claudio Nucci), the re-recording of "Panis et Cirsensis" (Gilberto Gil/Caetano Veloso), "Ponta de Areia" (Milton Nascimento/Fernando Brant), and "I Need You" (George Harrison), among others.

- Alvaro Neder

Telephones on dublab


"Our very own P Relief has the magical man known as Telephones in town for a very special kinda party this Friday, and naturally we had to have him come through and play a special late night mix to keep our Proton Drive going."

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Barrio Jazz Gang / Waves In The Sun

BOMBAY DUB ORCHESTRA - Monsoon malabar

The Bombay Dub Orchestra (BDO) is an electronica/orchestral project of composers Garry Hughes and Andrew T. Mackay. From main-stage performances at the UK's Big Chill Festival and Djing across the globe, the BDO has thrilled audiences with their music. They have also scored feature films and remixed world-renowned artists including Bob Marley for the Roots, Rock, Remixed Album, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Azam Ali, Bebel Gilberto, Ceu, Dizzy Gillespie, Natasha Atlas, Juno Reactor. Their albums have reached the #1 spot on iTunes World Music charts around the globe as well as on leading US radio station KCRW.


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Zia Hassan - Lever

Zia Hassan is a storytelling singer-songwriter who tries to capture earthly moments from a cosmic vantage point. He writes songs about reality, surrogate motherhood, space, time travel, and solar particles. He's also been referred to as "DC's #1 Love Song writer," and he has often been hired to write love songs for anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays. He sings with soulful passion and a soaring falsetto. His on-stage stories open small universes, beckoning new listeners to enter his strange and loveable world.

Zia released his first solo album, Grow Slow, in 2009. The album was received extremely well, especially on the internet -- every single song from the record was up-voted to the front page of TheSixtyOne.com, a popular music ranking service. Songs like "A Love Like That" received the most praise, spawning a fan-made video on YouTube. "Carry My Love," a song about a surrogate mother carrying a baby for her sister, a cancer survivor, touches the heart of anyone who hears it. To promote the album, Zia performed through an online broadcast so that international fans could hear his live act.


Central Living - inside

Many people who keep up-to-speed about the world of electronica are familiar with this group. Under one name or another, they've been releasing house hits on various labels since the mid-'90s. A collaborative effort between vocal powerhouse Lisa Shaw and globe-trotting producer Dave WarrinCentral Living is one of many projects blossoming at bi-coastal label Naked Music. And like most of the others, it's taking a while to evolve -- probably because both group members are juggling a half-dozen projects at once. 
Warrin was a keyboard player originally, but he swiftly crossed over into production. In the late '90s, he collaborated on several tracks with Julius Papp. His only venture into mainstream music was a cover of "Don't Give Up" for the Peter Gabriel tribute album Leaves From the TreeJody Watley sang lead vocals. Warrin's remixing skills have been in high demand. 
Shaw also is a fixture on the house music scene. Before Central Living, she had collaborated with producers on both coasts and in the U.K. -- including Warrin himself, on another successful Naked Music project called Lovetronic. Though both artists have been all about electronica in the past, they want to bring some live instruments into the mix on Central Living. This is a perfect time for them to move out of "underground" status, if that is indeed what they want to accomplish. Their label was recently acquired by Astralwerks, which probably boasts more mainstream success stories than any other electronic label in the country.
L. Katz

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Jess Morgan : Time Machine

Sonny Chillingworth - Hi'ilawe


"Working with Sonny was such a beautiful experience for his music, and even more, for knowing him as a person. He will always be an inspiration to me, and his music will always live on." - George Winston

Edwin Bradfield Liloa "Sonny" Chillingworth, Jr. was one of the most influential slack key guitarists in history. In a tradition that encourages individualism, his unique patterns, bass runs and vamps had a profound impact on musicians and listeners alike. In a tradition that values sincerity, his passionate playing, warm vocals and generous spirit touched the hearts of all.

Sonny's remarkable career spanned nearly half a century. It began in the late 1940s, a crucial transitional period for slack key. At that time, slack key guitarists were making their first tentative steps from family parties and front porches into recording studios and nightclubs. Through his work with older artists, such as Aunty Vickie Rodrigues and especially his mentor, Gabby Pahinui, Sonny helped shape the style's early commercial evolution and its later emergence in the 1970s as one of the leading sounds in Hawaiian music. His influence on younger performers, through recordings and teaching, also helped fuel a revival of interest in the 1980s that continues to grow. Though cut short by cancer in 1994, Sonny's art continues to bring great joy, through his many classic recordings and a wonderful set of newly released solo sessions on Dancing Cat.

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Julie Peel - Near The Sun

Benedetti & Svoboda


Fred Benedetti and George Svoboda have been playing together for over nineteen years. They are known as engaging and entertaining performers whose tunes can stir up emotions in the deepest corners of the soul. Their music ranges from peaceful melancholy to cascades of furious flamenco rasgueados. They are not only performers, but have also gained recognition as composers and arrangers of music. Their music has won them consistent praise from audiences, musicians and critics alike.
In 1996, Fred and George performed in San Diego's Old Globe production of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. Under the direction of Tony Award-winning director Jack O'Brien, they wrote, arranged and performed the music for this successful play. The duo's compact discs, Scirocco-Desert Wind and Zephyron the SBE label, are a fascinating blend of music with Slavic, Latin, Indian and Middle Eastern influences. Their recent CD's, Flamenco Dreamsand Spanish Gardens are produced by Domo Records in the Flamenco Nouveau style. The duo has been performing regularly in the United States, and Mexico and has had successful European tours which included performances in England, Germany and the Czech Republic.

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Emilie Lund - Something is eating me

Emilie Lund is a young and talented singer/songwriter who released her fabulous self titled debut EP here on aaahh records. The sound may be inspired by musicians like Nick Drake and Coco Rosie. But the most important ingredient for her music is a remote area, far away from the city, somewhere in the Swedish countryside. The woods around that area can be seen as one of her main sources of inspiration. She spent half of her life in a house, practically in the forest – where she used to live with her parents. Whenever she gets there, creative things happen.


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Tamy - Mãe Africa feat. Lokua Kanza

Deepak Ram - Kitu


* Senior disciple of world renowned bansuri maestro Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia

•Best Instrumental Album, South African Music Awards, 2000

•Nominated Best Male Artist and Best Instrumental Album, South African Music Awards, 1999

Deepak is an incredibly versatile artist who is well known for his evocative performances in traditional North Indian classical music, his collaborations with musicians of other genres, his innovative compositions and for his excellence as a teacher.

Deepak Ram's first love is North Indian classical music. Indeed, he is an accomplished soloist. He is a delightful and captivating performer, combining technical mastery with personal charm. He has performed in the United States of America (where he is currently based), South Africa, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Austria, Germany, Lebanon, Turkey, India and Holland and had the honor of accompanying his teacher, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, in Geneva, London and Paris.


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"The Road Scholar" by Bill Mize

Grammy-winning guitarist Bill Mize is a son of Tennessee, and a more fitting representative of his state’s rich musical heritage would be hard to find. His critically lauded fingerstyle compositions are fluid and intricate, and their delivery masterful. One suspects an influential teacher, and one would be right. “I received most of my musical education from a cheap Zenith radio,” says Mize, who as a child drifted off to sleep to the decidedly non-sleepy lullabyes emanating from Nashville’s WLAC and WSM and Knoxville’s WNOX.

Bill is a past winner of the National Fingerstyle Guitar Competition at The Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas.  Guitar Player Magazine has labeled this event the “U.S. Open of guitar competitions." Bill received a GRAMMY Award for his collaboration with musician and storyteller David Holt on the recording Stellaluna, and has been featured on the popular guitar compilations "Windham Hill Guitar Sampler" by Windham Hill Records and "Masters of the Acoustic Guitar" by Narada Records. In 2009, Bill’s music appeared in the  Ken Burns documentary “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea." Mel Bay Productions transcribed Mize's second CD, "Tender Explorations," into a songbook, and his original compositions have been transcribed for Fingerstyle Guitar and Acoustic Guitar magazines. 


Faz de Conta - Celso Fonseca & Marcos Valle

jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2015

Steven Roback - The Needle And The Damage Done

Nhojj - Love

With an unwavering passion for staying true to his artistic callings and a spirit born out of epiphanies, Nhojj has spent more than a decade becoming what some regard as a “soul pioneer”. “I want to help make this world better for everyone… one song at a time.” Nhojj says, a statement that underscores the classic soul tradition of “message in the music”.
More distinctive than his trademark locs or striking features, Nhojj is a songwriter who understands lyricism, a vocalist who projects his voice as an instrument, and an entertainer with a mystical magnetism that has compelled audiences for years. With an essence that is as sweet as it is strong, Nhojj is the self-affirming warrior whose mantra “Live Your Live” is echoed throughout his 7 CDs (5 studio), 13 singles and an Unplugged Live DVD (filmed by Emmy-nominated director Bill Cote).
Nhojj grew up in Guyana and Trinidad, where he performed for the Presidents of both countries. A preacher’s kid, his humility and deep spirituality can be traced back to a 7-year old singing in his father’s church in Georgetown. He was a good student whose musical talent was understated given his natural inclination for it, he completed a BA in Economics at New York University before embarking on a musical career.

miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2015

Bree Sharp - David Duchovny

Bree Sharp was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and learned to play guitar by 15.[1] By 17, she had moved to New York City to study theater at New York University. She eventually returned to music and while in college began writing the songs that led to her 1998 record deal with Trauma Records. In July 1999, she released her first album, A Cheap and Evil Girl. The album's first single, "David Duchovny," garnered a cult following both for its musical qualities and its comical references to the titular actor.[citation needed] Will Shivers and Charles Forsch, production assistants and producers on The X-Files, produced a video for "David Duchovny" featuring several celebrities crooning the lyrics.[2] The video was a hit on the Internet and circulated widely in the underground fan community.[3] The song lyrics were quoted in David Duchovny's later Showtime Network TV series, Californication, in 2011.[4]

- Wikipedia

Jair Oliveira - Bom Dia Anjo

Jair Rodrigues M. Oliveira (Jairzinho Oliveira, born March 17, 1975 in São PauloSão Paulo) is a Brazilian composer, singer[1] and producer. He is the son of Brazilian musician Jair Rodrigues and brother to singer Luciana Mello.
In the early 1980s Jair was a co-star on the Brazilian children's television program Balão Mágico ("Magic Balloon". The show's cast were also members of the musical group Turma do Balão Mágico ("The Magic Balloon Gang") which sold over 13 million copies.[citation needed]
During the 1990s Jair moved to the United States where he enrolled at Berklee College of Music, in Boston, to study Music Production & Engineering and Music Business, graduating in 1998.
Projeto Artistas Reunidos (United Artists Project) was a collaboration of Música popular brasileira artists that fused classic samba and bossa nova with soul musicfunk and electronica. Members included Oliveira's sister, Luciana Mello, João Marcelo BôscoliPedro MarianoDaniel Carlomagno and brothers Max de Castro and Wilson Simoninha.[citation needed]

- Wikipedia