lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2015


Daniel Lockhart is the workhorse of the dubstep scene. A DJ since the age of 12, he spent his teenage years working at the influential Black Market Records as well as putting out some of the dubstep's earliest records. Lockhart dropped out of school to focus on his career in the genre. His dedication paid off: look through the annals of dubstep history and Lockhart's Youngsta alias is one of the most common names you'll see. He played at the earliest FWD>> nights and mixed the foundational entries in the Dubstep Allstars series. He lived dubstep, and as others in the scene drifted towards house and techno, Lockhart remained loyal to a traditional idea of the genre—a dark, brooding strain once dubbed the "dungeon sound." As a result, Lockhart is a leading figure, inspiring both veterans sticking to their guns and a new generation pumping out classic dubstep beats. But he's far from a navel-gazer trying to relive glory days, nor is he a purist. 

Lockhart is a noted perfectionist, known for asking artists to adjust the sounds of hi-hats and other minute details before he'll play their tracks. That careful style bleeds into his DJing, too. He's not the kind of DJ who cuts quickly between tracks and races to the drop. Instead, he lets the tunes breathe, which makes his sets feel more dynamic. His RA podcast is a great example, moving through cuts from Addison Groove, Boddika and Paleman before diving into a deep dubstep session marked by his steady hand and impeccable taste. 

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