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Bree Sharp - David Duchovny

Bree Sharp was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and learned to play guitar by 15.[1] By 17, she had moved to New York City to study theater at New York University. She eventually returned to music and while in college began writing the songs that led to her 1998 record deal with Trauma Records. In July 1999, she released her first album, A Cheap and Evil Girl. The album's first single, "David Duchovny," garnered a cult following both for its musical qualities and its comical references to the titular actor.[citation needed] Will Shivers and Charles Forsch, production assistants and producers on The X-Files, produced a video for "David Duchovny" featuring several celebrities crooning the lyrics.[2] The video was a hit on the Internet and circulated widely in the underground fan community.[3] The song lyrics were quoted in David Duchovny's later Showtime Network TV series, Californication, in 2011.[4]

- Wikipedia

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