lunes, 7 de diciembre de 2015

Benedetti & Svoboda

Fred Benedetti and George Svoboda have been playing together for over nineteen years. They are known as engaging and entertaining performers whose tunes can stir up emotions in the deepest corners of the soul. Their music ranges from peaceful melancholy to cascades of furious flamenco rasgueados. They are not only performers, but have also gained recognition as composers and arrangers of music. Their music has won them consistent praise from audiences, musicians and critics alike.
In 1996, Fred and George performed in San Diego's Old Globe production of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. Under the direction of Tony Award-winning director Jack O'Brien, they wrote, arranged and performed the music for this successful play. The duo's compact discs, Scirocco-Desert Wind and Zephyron the SBE label, are a fascinating blend of music with Slavic, Latin, Indian and Middle Eastern influences. Their recent CD's, Flamenco Dreamsand Spanish Gardens are produced by Domo Records in the Flamenco Nouveau style. The duo has been performing regularly in the United States, and Mexico and has had successful European tours which included performances in England, Germany and the Czech Republic.

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