viernes, 26 de febrero de 2016

Lipps, Inc. - How Long

Lipps, Inc. (pronounced like "lip sync") was an R&B/Funk/Disco band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. The group was best known for the chart-topping 1980 worldwide hit single "Funkytown", which hit #1 in 28 different countries around the world and was certified as double-platinum in sales.[1]
The group originally consisted of lead vocalist Cynthia Johnson and a changing lineup of session musicians, including guitarist David Rivkin, guitarist Tom Riopelle and bassist Terry Grant. Steven Greenberg, the creator of the act, wrote and produced most of the group's music.[2]
- Wikipedia

miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2016

Úlfur Eldjárn - Poyekhali! (Live on KEXP)

Úlfur Eldjárn is a composer, multi instrumentalist and producer from Reykjavík, Iceland. He started out early in music and has worked in widely different genres such as pop, indie, jazz, electronic, experimental and avant-garde music. He’s composed extensively for film, TV, theatre, advertising and interactive media.

Úlfur released his first full length album in 2010: Field Recordings: Music from the Ether, a playfully experimental work that defies categorisation. On the album he uses a variety of curious sound sources, including mechanical instruments from the Middle Ages, a custom made percussion robot, Japanese vocaloid and radio signal generators.

lunes, 22 de febrero de 2016

The Revolution Will Be Televised: Inside 'Bordertown'

Felix Contreras

This week, Alt.Latino takes a deep dive into the animated Fox sitcom Bordertown with two of its writers, Lalo Alcaraz and Gustavo Arellano. Alcaraz is also the author of the Latino-themed syndicated comic strip La Cucaracha, while Arellano writes an advice column called Ask A Mexican for OC Weekly in Orange County, Calif.

A Most Imperfect Union champions the progress and ideals of the U.S. while recognizing its missteps.

History Goes To The Illustrators: 'A Contrarian History Of The United States'

Together, they offer some behind-the-scenes insight into the creative process of the show, describe the pitfalls of ethnically based humor and discuss how they got away with joking about the Pope's skills with his chancla. This is a historic moment for prime-time TV viewing in the U.S., so it's a pleasure to bring in two guys who are helping to write that history.

domingo, 21 de febrero de 2016

Saul Williams on NPR's Microphone Check

The artist and thinker, who just released a new album that's only one part of a larger multimedia conception, takes us from the drummers of Burundi to Adam Ant, Octavia Butler to David Bowie, Rakim to Young Thug. We also hit on ageism in rap, artistry for sale and how to work interviews.

sábado, 20 de febrero de 2016


Asadinho, whose identity, until now has remained a little obscure, is the latest chosen alias of DJ-producer, Asad Rizvi. The name is unlikely to be as instantly recognizable as some of those selected to submit their mix to the XLR8R podcast series, but the London-based artist, who has been silently plying his trade for the best part of two decades, has never been one to actively promote himself via the plentiful channels available today. His most prominent release under this latest moniker came in the form of a Lana Del Rey remix—but his other works, which have been presented under a variety of different monikers and via imprints including OmGlobal Underground and Loveslap, are reflective of someone with an undeniable talent for production and great love for doing so. Accompanying this is his DJing, an endeavor that has seen him travel the world over and visit some of the world's best clubs including Fabric (London), XOYO (London), Stereo (Montreal), and The End Up & Mighty (San Francisco)—in part due to the assortment of genres and influences presented throughout all of his sets. Having seen Rizvi perform on several occasions along America's West Coast, we invited him back to capture this sonic diversity in a mix. Listening back to the recording, it's fair to say he achieved just this. 

Wine Women and War Six Million Dollar Man Rare Opening and Closing Sequence

April 25 2014 / 25 de abril 2014

Now, this is a rarity. This is the original opening and closing of the Six Million Dollar Man TV series of the 1970's, with none other than Dusty Springfield singing.

¿Alguien se acuerda de esto? Yo sí. Esa es la apertura y cierre ORIGINAL de la serie televisiva El Hombre Nuclear de los años 70. Se usó en los primeros dos episodios. No es la canción instrumental de Oliver Nelson que los chiquillos de mi generación recordamos tan bien. ¡Esa es la voz de nada menos que Dusty Springfield!

miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2016

Contact Opening Scene

Contact is a 1997 American science fiction drama film directed by Robert Zemeckis. It is a film adaptation of Carl Sagan's 1985 novel of the same name; Sagan and his wife Ann Druyan wrote the story outline for the film.
Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan began working on the film in 1979. Together, they wrote a 100+ page film treatmentand set up Contact at Warner Bros. with Peter Guber and Lynda Obst as producers. When development stalled on the film, Sagan published Contact as a novel in 1985 and the film adaptation was rejuvenated in 1989. Roland Jofféand George Miller had planned to direct it, but Joffé dropped out in 1993 and Warner Bros. fired Miller in 1995. Robert Zemeckis was eventually hired to direct, and filming for Contact lasted from September 1996 to February 1997. Sony Pictures Imageworks handled most of the visual effects sequences.
- Wikipedia

martes, 16 de febrero de 2016

Mood II Swing

Mood II Swing are basically untouchable. 

Lem Springsteen and John Ciafone released too many great records to count in the 1990s, both originals and remixes for the likes of Kim English and Fonda Rae. Although they were a house duo, their drum programming – skippier and more intricate than most house of the time – was hugely influential to the sound of UK garage, and like Armand Van Helden and Todd Edwards, they’re as respected amongst UK heads as US.

- FACT Magazine

lunes, 15 de febrero de 2016

Lianne La Havas - Fairytale

Lianne Charlotte Barnes (born 23 August 1989),[1][2] known professionally as Lianne La Havas, is aLondon-born British folk and soul singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Her career began after being introduced to various musicians and singer Paloma Faith, for whom she sang backing vocals. In 2010, La Havas signed to Warner Bros. Records, spending two years developing her songwriting skills before releasing any music publicly. La Havas' debut album, Is Your Love Big Enough? (2012), was released to positive reviews from critics and earned her a nomination for the BBC's Sound of 2012 poll and awards for the iTunesAlbum of The Year 2012.[3]

- Wikipedia

domingo, 14 de febrero de 2016

Sadar Bahar: A Chicago favourite keeps the soul in the hole

Sadar Bahar jokingly describes his vinyl-buying habit as a "30-year disease, a sickness." Driven by an "unquenchable desire to create one of the best collections ever," he filled his home with records, and once his home was full, he began storing them in his mother's basement. Speaking to Rush Hour last year, Bahar admitted to owning as many as nine copies of a single record. His collection includes plenty of exceedingly rare wax—he once told CDR of a ten-year quest to find a copy of Open Soul by Tomorrow's People. There's also no shortage of other DJs playing music they first heard in a Sadar Bahar set. Theo Parrish, who describes Bahar's DJing as "sick, sick, sick," freely admits to "biting" his selections, while Dego simply calls his sets "ridiculous." 

Bahar's schooling, like many Chicago DJs of his generation, came from watching Ron Hardy in action at the Music Box. "Every time you went to see Ron Hardy, you'd come away with knowledge and having had a good time," he said to CDR. Years later, he noticed that standards had slipped: many of the city's DJs were shopping at the same record stores and playing the same music. This spurred him to go the opposite route, digging harder and deeper than his contemporaries. It's an approach that has come to define him, and it feeds into Soul In The Hole, the party he runs with Lee Collins. The music played at those vinyl-only parties is a joyous blend of disco, soul and gospel. In 2012, the UK label BBE issued a Soul In The Hole compilation, a killer selection that brought Collins and Bahar's sound to the world. 

Bahar's RA podcast contains a few rare cuts, but that's not the focus—he plays a Blondie track that you can buy for spare change at secondhand shops. He also includes Martin L. Dumas, Jr.'s holy grail soul burner, whose lyrics go: "Positive attitude, belief and determination are the elements that make diamonds of us all." Anyone who's seen Bahar's smile beaming from behind the decks will agree that it's those qualities that make him such an inspiring DJ. 

sábado, 13 de febrero de 2016

dublab goes jazz

Jeffery Plansker w/ George Fludas – Jazz Advance: “Have You Met Mr. Jones (Elvin Jones Tribute)”
Legendary drummer George Fludas drops by to play records from his collection and talk about the late, great Elvin Jones.
Starting from the crosshairs of 60’s hard bop, Jazz Advance moves through time and location, covering everything from contemporary Northern European avant garde to Brazilian bossa nova and rare groove to the cake walks of the early 1900s. This program draws from personal record collecting and in-studio performances of local and international players. Each show finds a unique look at this ever evolving and always influential form called Jazz.
Jeffery Plansker is a commercial film director and native of Detroit. He runs the “occasional” online radio station and the art & design business Additionally, he maintains a record & DVD label called where the project “Beneath Detroit” is currently under way. His collection of jazz recordings is in the thousands.

This upload features tracks from Roland KirkLarry YoungThe Jones BrothersElvin Jones,Thad Jones, Billy Mitchell, Terry Pollard, Alvin Jackson, Elvin Jones and more.

martes, 9 de febrero de 2016

Song of Seven - Jon Anderson

Jon Anderson is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable voices in progressive rock as the lead vocalist and creative force behind Yes. Anderson was the author and a major creative influence behind the ground-breaking album 'Fragile' as well as the series of epic, complex pieces such as “Awaken”, “Gates of Delirium” and especially “Close to the Edge” which were central to the band's success. Additionally, Anderson co-authored the group's biggest hits, including “I've Seen All Good People”, “Roundabout”, and “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”. In addition, Anderson had great success with a series of albums he did with Vangelis, and most recently released the critically-acclaimed solo album entitled 'Survival and Other Stories'.

Song of Seven is the second solo album by Yes lead singer Jon Anderson, released in 1980. Song of Seven was released during Anderson's first hiatus from Yes and supported by his first solo tour. "Some Are Born", "Days", "Everybody Loves You" and "Hear It" were originally written and demoed during the Tormato sessions. The demo versions from these sessions were included as bonus tracks on the 2004 CD reissue of Tormato, however, the arrangements recorded on Song of Seven draw more on Celtic and R&B influences.

- Wikipedia

lunes, 8 de febrero de 2016

Fatima Yamaha

Fatima Yamaha was the short-lived alias of Dutch producer Bas Bron. He released just the one record under that name, 2004’s A Girl Between Two Worlds on Dublin label D1. It closed on a track called ‘What’s A Girl To Do?’.
As Jackmaster – far from a famous DJ in 2004, and best known for working at Glasgow record store and distributor Rubadub – puts it, when he first heard ‘What’s A Girl To Do?’ he bought 200 copies for the store. Of course, “this was in the days when you could sell a record just by talking it up in a mailout,” as he remembers, and Simon Rigg from London store Phonica Records subsequently bought most of that 200 off him. The track slowly developed into a cult classic, championed not only by Jackmaster and his Numbers comrades but Hudson Mohawke, Midland and other DJs.
Bron quickly ditched the Fatima Yahama name, focusing on other aliases like Bastian, Gifted and, er, Seymour Bits. ‘What’s A Girl To Do?’ continued to grow, however, and it’s now been reissued twice: first through Magnetron and then last year by Dekmantel. Second time was the charm: it was inescapable last summer, closing the year as Resident Advisor’s best track of 2015. Not bad for a single from 2004.
Never one to pass up a good opportunity, the girl between two worlds returned to the circuit following that reissue, releasing his debut album Imaginary Lines late last year and performing a series of acclaimed live shows. He’s also gearing up to steal the show at this year’s Bloc, where he’ll be performing with Thom Yorke, Floating Points and more (tip: there’s also a great-looking FACT stage). Ahead of Bloc, we’re hosting a rare Fatima Yamaha mix that draws from both the melodic sensibility of Bron’s work as Yamaha and the ghetto-house that he’s explored under other aliases. It even features ‘No Type’ – game on.

domingo, 7 de febrero de 2016

Así sonaba Menudo


Coming from mysterious producer Grant – whose albumThe Acrobat last year on The Lauren Bacall imprint was a low-key favorite over here – the blend of deep house, abstract electronics and jazz fusion (honestly) should be all you need to wrestle yourself back to normality after the NYE excess. Fans of Moodymann or Galcher Lustwerk should take note immediately.
Grant assures us that the mix was produced in the studio in December after an period of extreme creativity. Desperate to avoid the perfection of modern mixing and get back to the “super naive, exciting feeling” when you first start mixing, Grant has put together a very personal selection of favorites. There’s no tracklist, but we can tell you there’s a little DJ Sprinkles, Floating Points and Nuyorican Soul among other things. Diggers: it’s time to get hunting.

lunes, 1 de febrero de 2016

M. Ward - Girl From Conejo Valley

Getting Personal With Alt.Latino Guest DJ Natalia Clavier

This week on Alt.Latino, things get emotional quickly. That usually happens when singer Natalia Clavier and I get more than five minutes to talk about her music. The only difference: This time, we recorded it and added songs.
The result provides an insight into how Clavier's emotions and passions fuel not just her performances, but also her songwriting process. She says she's in a period of personal transition, and that the experience is spilling out in songs she expects to release later this year.
For now, Clavier is sharing some of her favorite vocalists with us. She put together a playlist that reflects where her heart and spirit are now, and we include that on this page.
People are rarely this honest about their emotions in a one-to-one conversation, let alone with a podcast audience. Listen in.
- Felix Contreras