sábado, 20 de febrero de 2016



Asadinho, whose identity, until now has remained a little obscure, is the latest chosen alias of DJ-producer, Asad Rizvi. The name is unlikely to be as instantly recognizable as some of those selected to submit their mix to the XLR8R podcast series, but the London-based artist, who has been silently plying his trade for the best part of two decades, has never been one to actively promote himself via the plentiful channels available today. His most prominent release under this latest moniker came in the form of a Lana Del Rey remix—but his other works, which have been presented under a variety of different monikers and via imprints including OmGlobal Underground and Loveslap, are reflective of someone with an undeniable talent for production and great love for doing so. Accompanying this is his DJing, an endeavor that has seen him travel the world over and visit some of the world's best clubs including Fabric (London), XOYO (London), Stereo (Montreal), and The End Up & Mighty (San Francisco)—in part due to the assortment of genres and influences presented throughout all of his sets. Having seen Rizvi perform on several occasions along America's West Coast, we invited him back to capture this sonic diversity in a mix. Listening back to the recording, it's fair to say he achieved just this. 

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