domingo, 26 de abril de 2015

Kaki King en Bandcamp

From the Bandcamp blog:

A Look Back to Move Forward

Kaki King
“I’m glad that even if that particular technique—when I use body percussion and all sorts of crazy guitar—drove my career to be on television, I have a body of work worth releasing that doesn’t have anything to do with that.”

Metallic, frenzied finger-picking may have become Kaki King’s impressive trademark, but the guitarist and singer is quick to prove that the bulk of her catalog has nothing to do with the style that made her famous. Now a decade into her career, King is releasingEverybody Glows: B-Sides and Rarities, a collection of seemingly forgotten recordings gathered from various live shows across the world and numerous studio sessions. On the eve of its release, King took a minute to reflect on Everybody Glows, why she’s thrilled about the buried treasure deep within the lyrics of these tracks, and what it says about her growth as an artist as she begins the next phase of her career.

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