lunes, 19 de enero de 2015

Pender Street Steppers

Jack Jutson and Liam Butler have become some of Canada's best selectors in a short few years. Their rapid rise belies their relaxed, funky and sometimes cerebral approach to DJing, where New Age and ambient sounds sidle up next to vintage disco and their own earthy productions. It's an aesthetic shared by their peers in Mood Hut, a label and collective that started as an intimate party series in Vancouver's Chinatown neighbourhood and has since spread out into a network of shows, aliases and collaborations. But even with the increased attention, they're still humble, quiet guys who prefer to stay in the background. You won't find any interviews with them online (they turned down the brief Q&A that accompanies our podcasts) because they prefer to let the music speak for itself. Their mix for us, full of rippling guitars, flutes and boogie basslines, really does say it all. Packed with new and unreleased material from the Vancouver massive—Cloudface, Hashman Deejay and Aquarian Foundation among them—it also doubles as a survey of one of dance music's most exciting new corners. 
Tracklist /
Haley Pearse - Happening Upon a New Place
Paul Horn - Apas (Water)
Maxmillion Dunbar - Calvin & Hobbes
Aquarian Foundation - Untitled I
Ramzi - Monster's Makeup (feat. Bataille Solaire)
Cos/Mes - Poser, Poser
Cloudface - U & Me
Disco Mantra
Pender Street Steppers - Molto Bene
Hashman Deejay - Statues Pf
Pender Street Steppers - Golden Garden
Ttam Renat - Symbols of Infinity
Pender Street Steppers - No Need

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