lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

RA.405 Galcher Lustwerk

Galcher Lustwerk's vocal style is reminiscent of the literary "iceberg theory"— leaving certain things unsaid is more powerful than stating them. Combining just a few well-chosen words with stripped-back house beats has been a potent signature sound for the White Material artist. This approach was showcased last year on his debut single, Tape 22, and then on his 100% Galcher mixfor Blowing Up The Workshop, which RA writers voted theirfavourite online mix of 2013. "It started from trying to make rap records," he told us last year. "I became more and more interested in using words to communicate ideas—but only inferred ideas, not explicitly explained ones." 

This month the US producer will release his second solo EP, a vinyl-only effort for UK label Tsuba Limited. Galcher's RA podcast offers a glimpse into his wider inspirations, and it's little surprise that vocals play a central role. Recorded in mixtape-style, spoken-word interludes and raps are interspersed with experimental cuts and a few of his unreleased tunes. 

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