domingo, 30 de marzo de 2014

RA.408 Mo Kolours

Few artists manage to make waves as quickly as Mo Kolours has. The half-English, half-Mauritian singer and producer, real name Joseph Deenmamode, released his first EP in 2011, but by then he'd already been discovered by Gilles Peterson, who booked him for a live session on the BBC. His self-titled debut album, which didn't come out until today, has been hailed by The Guardian as one of the year's best and has completely sold outvia pre-order on vinyl and CD.

It's not hard to see what everyone is on about. Deenmamode's music is both soothing and entirely singular, a part-live, part-sampled brew that borrows elements of soul, hip-hop, house and dub without really sounding like any of those genres individually. It's rare that you hear something so completely assured, and yet so seemingly disconnected from any established scene or style. On RA.408, Deenmamode adds some bump to his signature sound, drawing records almost entirely from the close-knit crew of artists around him. 

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