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I loved The Breakfast Club / Me encantó The Breakfast Club

January 24 2014 / 24 de enero 2014

I admit it. I loved The Breakfast Club. Does that make me uncool or something?
Lo admito, me encantó The Breakfast Club. ¿Significa esto que no soy cool?

Did you know Judd Nelson said "Eat my shorts" in John Hughes movie The Breakfast Club a full six years before Bart Simpson made it his catchphrase? Did you also know that "Don't have a cow man" was coined in another John Hughes film, Sixteen Candles?
We know this because we've been busy compiling this list of 20 things you (probably) didn't know about The Breakfast Club and our head is spinning with utterly useless John Hughes movie trivia. Dig in...

In the photo: The movie's cool white kids posing with director John Hughes

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