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From Bandcamp's amazing music blog: Dusty African Grooves


Dusty African Grooves

Analog Africa
“Each region has its own micro-traditions…and to compare music from Ethiopia to music from Benin would be like comparing music from Portugal with music from Russia. In every African country, if you take a bit of time, you can really hear the differences and understand that it’s completely different styles of music.”

If you flew somewhere across Africa in the 1990s, your flight attendant may have been a young Tunisian man wearing the name tag “Samy.” Like other part-time stewards, Samy Ben Redjeb worked for the airlines to travel on the cheap. However, unlike co-workers toting compact flight bags, Redjeb often had hundreds of dusty records stashed away in the bulkhead. “Sometimes I had so many records to check in that I had to go to the airport before the crew. I was never paying for freight though, so that was amazing,” he says.
Samy Ben Redjeb

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