jueves, 11 de junio de 2015



Lowtec, real name Jens Kuhn, set up Workshop Records with Even Tuell in 2006—before that he ran his own label, Out To Lunch. Kuhn was responsible for the first Workshop 12-inch and since then the label has become synonymous with a sound—warm, lean, dryly funky—and also a style, one that's based on quality over quantity: limited vinyl, high-end packaging and an unhurried release schedule. This idea of restraint runs deep through the Workshop ethos. "There are a lot of ideas and many plans," Kuhn tells us, "but we don't have the urge to execute them right away." 

Workshop and Lowtec continue to flourish. The label has relied on a tight circle of artists, like Kassem Mosse and Move D, to release consistently high quality productions, while Kuhn has spread his wings, putting out records on labels like Laid, Brainmath and NonPlus. He returned home in style this year withWorkshop 20, his first solo record on his label since 2008.

- Resident Advisor 

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