viernes, 19 de junio de 2015

XLR8R Podcast 391: YokoO

The busy DJ and producer presents an hour of pure listening pleasure.

Students of deep house, at least those who do more than skim the surface of what the sound has to offer, know that the French-born, Berlin-based man known as YokoO is a talented purveyor of the four-to-the-floor arts, making and playing the kind of material that hits you right in the heart while moving the rest of your body to the dance floor. It's music that's made fans out of people like Lee BurridgeKollektiv Turmstrasse and Matthew Dekay—and we think the rest of the world will soon be catching up, as his upcoming gig schedule is as packed as they come (check the video interview below for the rundown). And then there's his upcoming release schedule: There's the marble-vinyl Reach for Me EP, complete with remixes from Trus'me and Clio (among others), just released on 22 Digit; another EP outJune 29 on Kollektiv Turmstrasse’s label, Musik Gewinnt Freunde;  a cut on the upcoming summer sampler on Burridge and Dekay's All Day I Dream; a single featuring vocalistSeabourne coming out on German label Save Us in September, featuring a remix from Luc Angenehm ("one of my favorite artists lately—the young man is a genius");  a single produced with Canadian duo In2Deep coming out on L’Enfant Terrible Records later in the year, with remixes by Patlac and Gab Rhome; a three track EP on Kindisch, also coming out after the summer; and finally, a full EP release for All Day I Dream, produced in collaboration the Melbourne, Australia–based Retza.
- Bruce Tantum

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