lunes, 26 de octubre de 2015

Everything But The Girl - One Place

Everything But The Girl was formed in 1982 by Tracey Thorn (b. Brookman's Park, Herts 26.9.62) and Ben Watt (b. Barnes, London 06.12.62). Both had already had early acclaimed starts in their teens on the UK post-punk independent scene - Tracey with her indie minimal girl group, the Marine Girls (1980-1983, later name-checked as one of Kurt Cobain's favourite bands); Ben with more experimental solo folk-jazz recordings featuring alt-folk icon, Robert Wyatt (1981-1983). All the recordings had been released by London independent, Cherry Red, during it's A&R heyday under Mike Alway (1980-1983). The pair met by coincidence at Hull University in the autumn of 1981.

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