martes, 31 de mayo de 2016

Po'Girl - Take the Long Way

The beauty and mystery of Po Girl's music - a sound that has beguiled fans the world over - springs from the mesmerizing bond shared by its two lead singers and writers - Allison Russell and Awna Teixeira. Hailing from Montreal and Toronto respectively, both women left untenable home situations at fourteen, found music instead of bad ends, and lived to sing the tales. The interplay between these two stunning performers is truly something to behold. You'll hear echoes of speakeasy jazz, the western lament, the accordion-strapped ghosts of European folk accompanied by the wail of the clarinet in the music of Po'Girl-- but it's delivered with a soulful clarity, and depth of feeling that makes it all their own.

It seems almost silly - and not very interesting - to trot out a long, endlessly hyphenated list of the many influences coursing through Po Girl's music. Suffice to say it's 21st Century roots music - North Americana if you will--never derivative, not faithfully aping a beloved tradition. Teixeira and Russell don't re-hash the old forms, they reshape and reinvigorate them for new ears.

Since Po'Girl's birth in Vancouver, BC in 2003- Russell and Teixeira (and an ever revolving cast of stellar musical friends), have averaged over 250 days/year on the road --bringing their inimitable roots revelry to 13 countries, and 4 continents-- winning over new fans and friends everywhere they go. With 5 internationally critically acclaimed studio albums, a live album, a b-sides album, and a DVD to their credit with Po'Girl- Alli and Awna have firmly established themselves as two dynamic, compelling songwriter/singer/multi-instrumentalists with true staying power.

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