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Andy Hart

One of Australia’s best selectors brings the party

Around five or six years ago, Melbourne was entering a golden age of house music, led by a crew of now-globally recognised artists like Tornado Wallace, Francis Inferno Orchestra and Fantastic Man, AKA Mic Newman. Andy Hart, although a little further from the limelight, played a pivotal role in the development of the city’s signature deep, groovy sound. In particular, this was thanks to his Melbourne Deepcast podcast-cum-label (co-run with Myles Mac), which showcased the city’s new wave of talent in its early releases. While plenty has changed since those records, Hart has continued to support Melbourne’s emerging artists. His current label, Voyage, launched in 2014 and has championed acts like M5K and Harvey Sutherland, whoseBrothers EP was a breakthrough for the Victoria synth wizard.

Hart moved to Berlin 18 months ago, following a migration trend that’s seen a number of his peers setting up in the German capital, as well as London. Aside from working on Voyage and dropping solo EPs on Heist and Sleazy Beats Black Ops, he’s spent time among the OYE Records family, particularly with frequent studio collaborator Max Graef. The likeminded pair have been releasing music together since 2012 on Melbourne Deepcast and Box Aus Holz, complementing one another’s love of jazz-infused dance music. Those influences and more are laid out in Hart’s inviting two-hour RA podcast, which spans smooth soul and funk, bright disco and classic ‘90s house. 

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