lunes, 25 de enero de 2016

FACT Focus: Stereolab

FACT Focus is a very special mix series.

Regular FACT readers may have noticed that occasionally, to accompany a large feature or list, the author has provided a mix summarizing the article in handy-to-absorb MP3 format. Well, we’ve decided to flesh this out into a series.

Episodes of FACT Focus focus on a specific artist, label, scene or sound. The mixes aren’t weekly, but they’ll always go the extra mile in terms of highlighting hidden classics and mapping-out specific eras or sounds.

This particular installment comes from regular FACT contributor Jon Dale, who has put together a bumper blend of all things Stereolab. Some of you will no doubt already be familiar with the Gallic neo-kraut troupe, and their influence can be witnessed throughout the musical spectrum.

From the obvious acts that took their cues from Stereolab’s space-age electronic flair, such as Brummie loungers Broadcast, to those you’d never expect, like Tyler the Creator (seriously), Stereolab have made waves since their birth back in 1990. Now you have the opportunity to hear some of their finest moments in one place.

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