martes, 15 de marzo de 2016

Midnight in a perfect world

Currently based in Los Angeles, San Diego native and emerging electronic producer Rafa Lavarez (a.k.a. Different Sleep) has been steadily evolving his underground style over the past 5 years, adding upon his early lush downtempo aesthetic to incorporate a more physical and abstract sound that adventurously touches upon juke, garage, and ambient styles, while still sneaking in infectious R&B and pop moments. His guest mix for 'Midnight In A Perfect World' explores the colorful intersection between all these styles in thrilling fashion, blending contemporary favorites with his own recent productions and remixes. This mix also arrives just a week before the release of his new 'Last Nerve' EP via the excellent L.A. label Friends of Friends, a highly recommended release if you're feeling the vibes in this mix.

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