miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2016

Ruby My Dear: Breakcore with a melodic twist

If you thought breakcore had withered and died, then you'd be mistaken. The catch-all sub-genre, which has been deemed more of a strategy than a sound, may not be as abundant as it used to be, but it is still quietly bubbling. Rising out of the squat scene of the 1990s in pockets of Europe, Australia, Canada and the US, this maniacal mashup of dance styles (jungle, ragga, breakbeat, hardcore, gabber and so on) has since mutated, spread and retreated back underground. There are a few bastions plugging away—PRSPCT in Holland, Bangface in the UK—but it's mostly a cloistered scene. Nevertheless, the Toulouse-based Ruby My Dear is an artist who's been getting props beyond the breakcore sphere. 

Naming himself after a 1947 ballad by Thelonious Monk, jazz, opera, funk, rock and French and Asian folk sit among the gamut of dance styles he's experimented with over the last six years, releasing on labels like Peace Off, Acroplane Recordings and Ad Noiseam. But it's his grasp for melodies that's made Ruby My Dear stand apart. His 2012 breakout album, Remains Of Shapes To Come, used the ingenuity and punk ethics of breakcore but left all the silliness behind. It was a mature and serious listen, with enough sass to be both highbrow and fun. It's a balance he also achieved on Form, its follow up. Ruby My Dear has a tendency to pack plenty into his compositions—and his RA podcast is no different. If this is your first encounter with breakcore, don't panic, you are in safe hands, but be prepared for a white-knuckle ride. 

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