viernes, 3 de junio de 2016

Z-Trip – Live dublab Mix (02.25.00)

Head nodding, 90s-style turntablism at its best. The legendary Zach Sciacca aka Z-Trip dropped into dublab one day in February 2000 to scratch-up 2.5 hours of rap, hip-hop, trip hop, funk, soul and everything else that slaps. The session remains a master class in selecting, beat matching and cutting for heads past and present. Plus, it’s a great afternoon listen.
The sheer number of tracks and the range of sounds may leave you in awe, but Z-Trip’s taste is off the charts. Classic hip-hop meets deep cuts like “Stunts, Blunts, and Hip hop” by Diamond & The Psychotic Neurotics. Gems like Bjork and Dobie’s “I Miss You (Dobie’s Rub Part 2 – It’s a Hip Hop Thing,” Xzibit’s “What U See Is What You Get” and People Under the Stairs’ “Time to Rock Our Shit” mix it up with Z-Trip’s Sabbath-sampling “Rockstar” and smooth electronic shit like Gary Wright’s “Love is Alive?” Meanwhile, Ballistic Brothers’ “Blacker” makes an appearance from the acid jazz realm, alongside other DJ cuts like “Funk Box (We Want to Hear the Beat Box” by the 45 King. Even Talking Heads and The Police make it to the party.
Hear the the whole set below:
Z-Trip - Live dublab Mix (02.25.00) 


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