lunes, 16 de junio de 2014

A Match Made in Heaven (From the Bandcamp blog)

A Match Made in Heaven

Brazil 2014, best new music
The lead-up to World Cup 2014 has been clouded by allegations of financial corruption, and news of mass eviction and clearing of favelas. While sports fans and protestors debate the morality of the impending tournament, there remain a couple of facts that are untouchable: Brazil has always been home to amazing music, and has also produced some of the most exciting football ever (that’s “soccer” to our American readers!). Whether you’re considering watching the World Cup, or possibly raising your voice in concern, Lewis Robinson has compiled a soundtrack to get you in the mood. Robinson runs the ever-dependable Mais Um Discos label, and has just released the extensive Role: New Sounds of Brazil compilation. Here he picks a track from an artist in each of the cities playing host to the Cup.

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