lunes, 23 de junio de 2014

Duke - Genesis [Full Album] (1980)

June 5 2014

I first learned of this album from my schoolmate Tomás Rodríguez-Barceló. We were in the same classroom in Colegio San Ignacio in the seventh grade. Then we both switched schools and did not hear from each other... until one afternoon when I was in 9th grade I was visiting a friend in Rosa Bell School in Guaynabo, someone who looked like a total stranger to me said hi and talked to me as if we knew each other. I specifically remember he strongly recommended I listen to Genesis' Duke album.
Some time later I learned that that pale, skinny student with no hair was Tomás. He had cancer. He did not live to enter the 10th grade. I cannot listen to any song from Duke without remembering Tomás. Fare well my friend, wherever you are.

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