sábado, 7 de junio de 2014

No Sleep 'Til Puerto Rico: Guest DJ With AJ Davila


Puerto Rican rocker AJ Davila.

Text by Jasmine Garsd

I wish every episode of Alt.Latino somehow featured AJ Davila, even if it's just reading credits, or maybe calling and saying hi in the middle of the show. The Puerto Rican rocker is one of the most enjoyable musicians we've ever had record a Guest DJ set for us. I can't think of another guest who's made me laugh so hard I had to turn away from the mic — but it didn't hurt that he's the one guest to bring beer along with an excellent selection of new Puerto Rican music.

Also joining us this week is the talented Ahmed Albizu, who plays bass with Davila and has his own terrific band, called Re-Animadores.

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