domingo, 19 de octubre de 2014

Teclado microtonal Tonal Plexus de la compañía H-Pi Instruments

Imagine all artists are told by the art industry that 12 standard colors are enough for their art, and there is never a need to tint or shade or mix colors. Practically speaking, this is the situation which exists in the music world today. 12 equally spaced pitches per octave are the default modern music industry standard, but 12 pitches represent less than 5% of the pitches that the average person is capable of responding to. Research has proven that on average, around 200 different pitches can be heard within one octave, and like unique colors, they all have unique effects; many more than 12 of them sound "good"; in fact, they are all expressive and useful for art. Imagine what kind of new music is possible when all of the pitches are available...

Express yourself more personally.

Hπ Instruments is founded on the premise that you should have the freedom to choose any pitches you want to make music with, not just the 5% the music industry has decided on for you. Hπ products exist to give you this freedom. To hear some examples of music made using Hπ products, visit the musicTBX1 videos, and Tonal Plexus videos pages.
- Taken from the H-pi web site.

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