martes, 14 de octubre de 2014

Black MIDI, this music is impossible

Andrew Chugg – Impossible Music, Black MIDI and Beyond  

Exploring new sonic possibilities is an adventure that we’re always ready for. As technology – and human tolerance – evolves, we’re embracing increasingly dense and alien musics that are determined more by limits of software than physical interaction.
Enjoy this in-depth exploration of the history and cultural implications of Impossible Music and Black MIDI. This audio documentary explores the concepts behind Black MIDI; a genre of music that exists primarily to challenge the specifications of the producer’s computer.
Andrew Chugg - Impossible Music, Black MIDI and Beyond (06.17.14) 

Interviews with curator of, Michael Connor, composer and writer Robert Barry and others.
Andrew Chugg is a New York-based multi-media producer, drummer for Pop. 1280 and owner of Gilded Audio. He is particularly interested in audio documentaries and the cross-section of abject and formal music.

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