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With their definitive second album, Premiata Forneria Marconi pushed Italian prog into the international spotlight. Like fellow countrymen Banco, the band approached the popular British symphonic style with a Romantic flair, Mauro Pagani's flute and violin adding an ethereal element to the simmering title track and the shape-shifting "Appena Un Po." Discovered by Emerson, Lake and Palmer during an Italian tour, PFM signed to ELP's Manticore Records, which released 1973's Photos of Ghosts, a version of Amico that was remixed and modified with new English lyrics by King Crimson's Peter Sinfield. (The album even cracked the Billboardalbum chart at Number 180). "PFM never played a style of rock music that pretended to be Anglo-Saxon," drummer-vocalist Franz Di Cioccio said in the liner notes to the Photos of Ghosts reissue. "We always defended our own style of music and our own roots." R.R. - Rolling Stone magazine

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