domingo, 16 de agosto de 2015

Entrevista a David Morales

David Morales is one of the most storied and successful DJs in dance music history. He cut his teeth during New York's disco era, graduating from playing local house parties to manning the decks at The Paradise Garage and, later, the influential club Red Zone. During the '90s, alongside Frankie Knuckles and the Def Mix crew, he redefined the remix by radically reworking pop music records into house music anthems. Mariah Carey, De La Soul, Jamiroquai, Aretha Franklin and Alison Limerick were just some of the artists who received the Morales remix treatment. These mixes were not only some of the biggest dance tracks of their day but routinely crossed over to become pop hits in their own right and helped to take dance music to a previously unimaginably wide audience. This ability to blend club music and populist tastes have kept Morales in-demand globally for an unprecedented number of years. In this far-ranging and occasionally emotional Exchange, Stephen Titmus discussed over 40 years of house music history with one of the genre's pioneers.

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