lunes, 10 de agosto de 2015

Daniele Baldelli: The revered veteran DJ gets funky

What were you doing this time 46 years ago? It was 1969, and for Daniele Baldelli he'd just started DJing, at a time when DJing as we understand it today didn't exist. It's obviously incredible that the Italian artist is still active today, and equally incredible that he's as busy as ever, playing regularly around Europe and America and releasing high quality music like this year's Cosmic Drag LP on Mule Musiq. The foundations for Baldelli's longevity were established through two key club residencies in the late '70s and early '80s. The first was at Baia Degli Angeli, a club that was thought of as the Italian equivalent of Studio 54. Baldelli followed in the footsteps of the highly influential Baia residents Tom Sison and Bob Day by mixing with imported disco records, a new and unique proposition for the Italian scene. Baldelli was technical perfectionist who was known to privately play 200 tracks into one to see which fitted best. Following Baia's closure, Baldelli took a gig at a club called Cosmic in Lake Garda. He'd already begun to experiment with different styles of music at Baia, but at Cosmic he truly went for it. His sets became a maze of African music, disco, psychedelic rock, krautrock and dub, often played at the wrong speed, a flourish that only added to the deeply weird style Baldelli became famous for.

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