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ELO - Here Is the News

Says the Wikipedia:

"Here Is the News" is a 1982 song written and performed by Electric Light Orchestra (ELO).
It is track ten on the album Time (1981) and was released as a double A-side along with "Ticket to the Moon" in January 1982, reaching number 24 in the UK charts.[1] The song makes heavy use of synthesizers but also includes guitar, bass guitar, piano, and a drum kit. The song is in Strophic form, lasts 3 minutes 43 seconds and ends with a fade out. The song is about the news programmes of 2095 and voices from news reports can be heard in the background during the song. A number of news reporters claim that their voices were used for this song, but Lynne said that the snippets featured the voices of band members.[citation needed]
  • UK progressive rock band Frost* has recorded a cover of this song. It was featured on their MySpace page.
  • The song was covered by the band Brave Saint Saturn on their album Anti-Meridian.
  • UK band Scarlet Blonde recorded a cover of "Here is the News" to be the first single from their 2009 album Acerbic.
  • Swedish metal band PAIN did a cover on their 2008 album Cynic Paradise bonus disc shipped with the limited edition version of the album.
  • Electronic dream pop trio Au Revoir Simone covered this song for Buffetlibre Rewind 2.
  • In 2008, a Dutch hip hop collective consisting of The Opposites, Sjaak, Dio, and P. Fabergé covered "Here is the News" as "100% Vooraan" on the mixtape Op Volle Toeren. 

The Dutch broadcasting company VPRO has been using the opening sequence of "Here Is the News" since 1981 at the start of their radio and television broadcasts. In October 1987, Maltese radio and TVM also used the song's opening to introduce news broadcasts.

Time is the tenth studio album by British rock band Electric Light Orchestra (credited only as ELO) released in 1981 through Jet Records. It is a concept album which tells a story of a man from the 1980s finding himself in the year 2095 and trying to come to terms with being unable to return and adjusting to his new surroundings.[citation needed]
In 2001, the album was remastered and reissued on CD with three additional bonus tracks, two of which ("Julie Don't Live Here" and "When Time Stood Still") had already been released as B-sides of singles ("Twilight" and "Hold On Tight" respectively) from the original album, while the other ("The Bouncer") was originally released as the UK B-side of the 1983 single "Four Little Diamonds" from the follow-up album Secret Messages.

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