lunes, 18 de abril de 2016

Galactica 1980 Intro

Galactica 1980 is an American science fiction television series and a spin-off from the originalBattlestar Galactica television series. It was first broadcast on the ABC network in the United States from January 27 to May 4, 1980, lasting for 10 episodes.
Set during the year 1980, and a generation after the original series, the Galactica and its fleet of 220 civilian ships have finally discoveredEarth, only to find that its people are not as scientifically advanced and that the planet can neither defend itself against the Cylons nor help theGalactica as originally hoped. Therefore, teams of Colonial warriors are covertly sent to the planet to work incognito with various members of the scientific community, hoping to advance Earth's technology.
The low-rated program, which was poorly received during its run, was canceled after only ten episodes, many of which were multi-part stories. The final episode shown was "The Return of Starbuck", which featured a guest appearance by Dirk Benedict from the original series.

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