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Débruit is a musical explorer who imagines alternate worlds and the way they'd sound. He plays with time and disparate sounds, molding static dimensions and geographical borders into new asymmetrical audio-forms. His music is electronic but with a human feel; it explores complementary culture clashes, combining elements that have never existed together before.
2015 will be a busy year for Débruit. He is currently working on ambitious creative experiments with a team of subversive accomplices. There will be new musical, visual and multisensory kinetic releases soon, however the details are unintentionally mysterious at this point.
It’s been an interesting journey so far, starting out northwards from the far western coast of France several years ago. Now a seasoned wayfarer after a particularly warm reception on the RBMA stage at his Sonar debut in 2009 (having attended the academy the year before), triggered an ongoing demand for Débruit’s surprising and intriguing live electronic sets around the world. To date he has released two albums and five EPs including the now classic electro-afrobeat single “Nigeria What” from the “Spatio Temporel” EP, which dancers all over the globe are still choreographing their own videos to. Creative collaborators have included Jamie Woon, Om'Mas KeithAlsarah, and The Bow with more on the horizon

It's time to take a journey through West Africa via New York with one of the most exciting underground producers of the moment. French born musical explorer, Débruit first caught our attention with his infectious 2009 tune, Nigeria What?
His new album, Outside The Line, transcends West African music and Afrobeat rhythms through the synth work of 80s New York, and it really is something special. His evolutionary sound perfectly captures musical eras gone by while making a unique and futuristic sound seem effortless. For all these reasons and more, we are delighted to welcome him to the i-D mix family with this incredible sonic journey. "It’s made of tracks that I’ve always liked and that inspired the album a lot," he says of his offering. "Tracks from west Africa to NYC. Some slow and contemplative like Arthur Russell and Mamane Sani, some compulsive like Suicide and James Chance, others dancey like Dr Adolf Ahanotu and ESG, or polyrhythmic like Steve Reich and Konono n°1 and their electric trance likembés." Press play!

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