lunes, 6 de julio de 2015

Frank Zappa - Inca Roads (Remaster 2012)

Escuché a Zappa por primera vez en noveno grado, cuando un compañero de clase me prestó su disco "Sheik Yerbouti", en el cual participan Terry Bozzio y Eddie Jobson. La canción "Inca Roads", del disco One Size Fits All, muestra a Zappa en toda su genialidad.

Before Frank Zappa released One Size Fits All, he bragged to reporters, "You could actually dance to this record." Consider the source. Although the album certainly rocks (occasionally), it also brims with the jazz and prog benchmarks of Zappa's career: goofy time shifts, squeaky keyboards (by George Duke), atypical rock instrumentation (fretless guitar, marimba, flute, vibraphone) and far-out lyrics like, "'Arf,' she said." Wild jams such as "Po-Jama People" and the shimmery, stuttering "Andy" are the pinnacle of Zappa's art-rock experimentalism, while the herky-jerky "Inca Roads" contains one of the main Mother's most jaw-dropping guitar solos. Future Zappa "stunt guitarist" Steve Vai called hearing One Size Fits All a turning point in his life, referring to "Inca Roads" as an "unprecedented masterpiece" in 2011. "[It] gave me a new reason to live," he said. K.G. - Rolling Stone magazine

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