martes, 28 de julio de 2015

Orquesta Abrazos

Message of Love is a multi-genre, world music project heavily influenced by musical traditions born on both sides of the Atlantic. North and South America, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean are all represented on this record, whose track list reflects Abrazos Orchestra's own diversity. The Afro-Latino and Boricua/Nuyorican musical heritage shared by several Abrazos members can be heard throughout Message of Love, whether on the traditional Taino song "Daka Naboria" or the album's uplifting title Reggae track which sets listeners off on their musical journey. In addition to Roots Reggae and Taino folklorica, Abrazos also serves up a blend of Salsa, Cumbia, Blues, Búgalu, Afrobeat, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Soul. 

Message of Love is a collaborative album performed by some of New York's most dynamic musicians (most of whom were raised in the five boroughs of NYC) and features a handful of male and female singers and MCs who each add a unique vocal presence to the mix. Except for two songs, the album is composed of original compositions first written by individual orchestra members who quickly developed the trust in each other to share their songs with the the group, who then worked together to bring the music to life.The two cover tunes Abrazos included on the album augment the group's original music by offering up English and Spanish-speaking listeners fresh takes on classic material. "Together" allows Abrazos to pay respect to Ray Barretto (a BIG inspiration for the band) and his message of black, white, and red unity and lay down some some percussion-heavy Barrio Funk. The minimalist rendition of "Si nos Dejan" was a last minute addition sung by Coco Vélez accompanied by Jack Glottman on keys. When Coco cordially accepted Abrazos' invitation to lend her voice to the project, there were several boleros she considered doing before deciding that this song had the right feel and tone. The recording ended up being the final touch the album needed as it provided a powerful elder female presence that was missing prior. 

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