martes, 30 de junio de 2015

One O'clock Tomorrow - FM

FM fue el primer grupo de rock que yo ví en concierto. Este trío canadiense de rock progre estaba abriendo para Saga en el Coliseo Roberto Clemente en Puerto Rico en enero de 1981, mi primer concierto.

Superficially, Toronto-based FM had a lot working against them: Aside from Rush, Canada was never a prog hotbed, and the band released its debut album in 1977, as many of the genre's originators were fading. Still, Black Noise was one of late-era prog’s most original albums – a hypnotic blend of symphonic synthesizer effects and glossy New Wave melodies, plus an exotic whirl of electric mandolin and violin from Nash the Slash, a.k.a. Jeff Plewman, who performed onstage with his face entirely obscured by surgical bandages. Opener "Phasors on Stun" became a minor AM radio hit, driven by a yearning hook from frontman-bassist-keyboardist Cameron Hawkins, and the band has released several more albums over the years, but FM never managed to reach their debut’s deep-cosmos magic. "There is a timeless quality about that record," Hawkins told The Music Express in 2014. R.R. -Rolling Stone

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lunes, 29 de junio de 2015

Los 50 mejores discos de rock progre de todos los tiempos, según la revista Rolling Stone

For close to a half century, prog has been the breeding ground for rock's most out-there, outsized and outlandish ideas: Thick-as-a-brick concept albums, an early embrace of synthesizers, overly complicated time signatures, Tolkienesque fantasies, travails from future days and scenes from a memory. In celebration of Rush's first Rolling Stone cover story, here's the best of the deliciously decadent genre that the punks failed to kill. 

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domingo, 28 de junio de 2015

Tremendo DJ set de Thanksgiving Brown, incluye entrevista

Thanksgiving Brown – Live Dâm-Funk Rarities Mix and Interview (10.24.13)

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 5.02.01 PM
Thanksgiving Brown dropped by during his recent trip to L.A. and brought our good friend Dâm-Funk into dublab HQ. After playing an all-Dâm Rarities set, the two sat down and waxed about everything from life on the road to the perils of social media. Don’t fake the funk, and relax with these words of wisdom from one of L.A.’s most influential music makers.

viernes, 26 de junio de 2015

Oddisee: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

June 26, 2015
• Amir Elkhalifa, a.k.a. Oddisee, is an emergent standout in hip-hop. The Prince Georges County, Md., native says he made his new album, The Good Fight, as a reminder that music comes before hip-hop; that music can trigger indescribable feelings; that music is a meditation on our capacity to love; and, finally, that our ambition and greed are in constant conflict with our sense of propriety.
Simply put, Oddisee's music is genius. He creates just the right amount of space, allowing it to breathe with perfectly timed cadences and vamps. His deceptively intricate rhythm tracks interlock with complementary harmonies and brilliantly constructed bars in ways that appeal to both diehard hip-hop heads — those who decipher and analyze lyrics as a hobby — and those who just want a clutch beat. He's got it all.

Clubjudge + Mixcloud

"ClubJudge has started a special collaboration with Mixcloud. As part of our partnership we will shine our light on the most popular mix of the month. This month’s pick is a mix by Jets, the duo formed by Ultramajic label boss Jimmy Edgar and MachinedrumLast month their latest release “The Chants” saw the light, which has everything from smooth r&b vibes to more dance floor type bass music. And this is exactly the sound that is represented in their Sónar Festival warm up mix, including a lot of unreleased music. With the Barcelona based electronic music festival starting only a few days from now, our choice was easy. If your heading there this week, this is the ultimate mood setter on the beach or at any pre party occasion for that matter."

Buggles - I Am A Camera

Originalmente publicado el 14 de agosto 2014.

La historia del dúo británico The Buggles es una de las más extrañas en la historia de la música new wave. Después de lanzar su super exitoso primer disco en 1979, sus dos integrantes- Trevor Horn y Geoff Downes- se unieron al legendario grupo de rock progresivo Yes y grabaron el disco Drama en 1980. En 1981 se separaron de Yes y se reincorporaron como The Buggles, grabando el disco Adventures in Modern Recording.

Esta canción, "I am a Camera", fue originalmente grabada por Yes en Drama bajo el título de "Into the Lens".

Según la sagrada Wikipedia:

The line "I am a camera" is a quote from Christopher Isherwood's Goodbye to Berlin (1939). The full sentence reads, "I am a camera with its shutter open, quite passive, recording, not thinking." There was also a play (1951) and subsequent film (1955) based on the novel under the name I Am a Camera.

jueves, 25 de junio de 2015

The Advent of Panurge - Gentle Giant (1972)

Baroque counterpoint harmonies, medieval recorder passages, funk rhythms, hard-rock hooks – British experimentalists Gentle Giant mastered this bizarre formula on their fourth album, Octopus, which marked the end of one era for the band and the beginning of another. It was the swan-song for multi-instrumentalist Phil Shulman and the debut for drummer John Weathers, the grooviest percussionist in all of prog, and Giant leave no weird musical stone unturned (check the complex madrigal vocal parts of "Knots"). Still, their mad-scientist experiments were balanced by the raw rock majesty of classics like "The Advent of Panurge." "I think that this album was the culmination of what and where the band was headed into the rest of the decade," frontman Derek Shulman said in the LP reissue’s liner notes. R.R.

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miércoles, 24 de junio de 2015

Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band - Gyae Su

"Ghanaian highlife legend Pat Thomas with his first internationally released studio album, recorded in Accra. Kwashibu Area Band directors Kwame Yeboah and Ben Abarbanel-Wolff add superb new compositions and re-arrange some of Thomas’ ‘80s compositions for a full live band. Sweet highlife sounds taken in a progressive new direction."

Dan Hartman - De "Streets of Fire" a música ambient

13 de septiembre 2014

Sí, este es el mismo Dan Hartman que cantaba "I Can Dream About You" en la banda sonora de la película "Streets of Fire". En 1989 sacó un disco de música instrumental ambient-new age titulado New Green Clear Blue en la discográfica Private Music.
La entrada de Wikipedia de este disco es inusualmente larga y detallada:
Hartman murió en 1994 debido a complicaciones médicas relacionadas al SIDA.

martes, 23 de junio de 2015

Renaissance*Ashes are Burning [2008 remaster]

With a debt to psych-pop outfits Jefferson Airplane and It's a Beautiful Day, plus English folk-rockers like Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span, Renaissance's Annie Haslam brought a feminine energy to prog rock's sausage fest: See the title track, the band's signature, which she ends with a spectacularly held note that Geddy Lee couldn't hit if his balls were in a panini press. Formed from the ashes of the Yardbirds by Keith Relf and Jim McCarty, the band went through radical personnel changes over the years, all in service of meshing classical, folk and rock, but with more of a traditional song-sense than most of their prog peers. This set split the difference between hooks and sprawl. And 40 years later, Annie Haslam is still spinning tales like Guinevere. W.H. - Rolling Stone

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Caravan: Nine Feet Underground - Rock progre del bueno

Caravan are an English band from the Canterbury area, founded by former Wilde Flowers members David SinclairRichard SinclairPye Hastings and Richard Coughlan in 1968.[1] The band have not achieved much commercial success, but are considered a key part of the Canterbury scene, blending psychedelic rockjazz and classical influences to create a distinctive sound.
The band were originally based in WhitstableKent, near Canterbury, but moved to London when briefly signed to Verve Records. After being dropped by Verve, the band signed to Decca Records, where they released their most critically acclaimed album, In the Land of Grey and Pink in 1971. David Sinclair left after the album's release and the band disintegrated the following year. Hastings and Coughlan added new members, notably viola player Geoffrey Richardson and continued as Caravan before splitting in 1978.

Esto es lo que dice Rolling Stone:

Among the many memorable bands to emerge from Canterbury, England — including the Soft Machine, Gong and Camel — none conveyed the southeastern cathedral town's pastoral qualities better than Caravan. The title and cover art of the quartet's third album evoked a Middle Earth sunset, with the music wavering between medieval folk melodies and jazz-savvy musos rocking out over what bassist Richard Sinclair called "a load of words that half mean something." Side one consisted of short, charming songs like "Golf Girl," the Tolkien-y "Winter Wine" and the surreal Boy Scout ramble of the title track; but side two was solely devoted to "Nine Feet Underground," a 22-minute, eight-part suite with Zappa-esque subtitles — e.g., "Dance of the Seven Paper Hankies" — that unfurled a breezily grooving descent into hell and back dominated by extended fuzz-organ solos. R.G.

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lunes, 22 de junio de 2015

Yes- Trevor Horn Concert 2004 (HQ)

Uno de los mejores momentos del concierto en homenaje a Trevor Horn en 2004 fue cuando miembros y ex-miembros de Yes subieron al escenario. Horn fue cantante de Yes en 1980, y luego en 1983 fue productor del disco más exitoso de la banda, 90125. De hecho, fue uno de los compositores del super éxito radial "Owner of a Lonely Heart", la única canción de Yes en haber llegado a #1 en la lista de Billboard.

En este video pueden ver los veteranos de Yes Allan White, Chris Squire, Trevor Rabin, Steve Howe y Geoff Downes interpretando la pieza instrumental "Cinema", la introducción de "Make it Easy", y por último "Owner of a Lonely Heart".

domingo, 21 de junio de 2015

Bandcamp article about Audiotree

In just five years, the Chicago-based boutique music company Audiotree has emerged as a galvanizing force in the indie rock world with its unique, in-studio concert series, Audiotree Live. Currently, subscribers to the session total over 2 million, and recordings from this series have garnered prime TV and film placements. Audiotree Live recently debuted on Bandcamp with an upload of brand new sessions. Going forward, 10–15 freshly recorded Audiotree Live sessions will be available on Bandcamp each month, and back catalog will be added, too.

Audiotree sessions capture the feel of an intimate rehearsal, replete with pristine audio and crisp video. While recording budgets might be shrinking, Audiotree Live offers both emerging and established indie bands powerful assets to build their fan base and monetize their creativity.

Lady Lamb

photo by Eric Tra
Every Monday through Friday, we deliver a different song as part of our Song of the Day podcast subscription. This podcast features exclusive KEXP in-studio performances, unreleased songs, and recordings from independent artists that our DJs think you should hear. Today’s song, featured on The Midday Show with Cheryl Waters, is “Billions of Eyes” by Lady Lamb from the 2015 album After on Mom + Pop.

Lady Lamb – Billions of Eyes (MP3)
With her loquacious lyrical style and penchant for unpredictable, lengthy song structures, Aly Spaltro (a.k.a. Lady Lamb) emerged from Portland, Maine, in the early 2010s with a fully-developed songwriting voice. Spaltro’s earliest songwriting exercises as Lady Lamb The Beekeeper (she dropped the latter part of her moniker earlier this year) were written in the video store she worked at. After the store closed, Spaltro would pull out her musical equipment from behind the counter and work on songs until the next morning. A series of self-released recordings made Spaltro a staple of the Northeastern live circuit, and in 2013, some of those songs, as well as some new ones, were collected and polished as her debut album, Ripely Pine. That album opened the door for Spaltro to tour more extensively, and after spending time on the road with Torres and Neko Case (among others), Spaltro returned to her home in Brooklyn to complete work on her second album, this year’s After. “Billions of Eyes” was released as the album’s lead single, and it’s easy to see why: it’s one of Spaltro’s most direct, pop-oriented tunes and earns that distinction without losing any of her wordy charm. The twinned guitar/vocal melody leads into each of Spaltro’s stream-of-consciousness verses, covering anxiety, affection, and the relief of making your train on time. By the time the song reaches it’s celebratory climax, Spaltro has run through a plethora of crashing dynamics and words, and she seems exhausted but satisfied, riding the same kind of high as the one she gets when she makes her train.
Lady Lamb will embark on another run of dates behind After in July, including her next stop in the Pacific Northwest at Musicfest NW. Keep up with Aly at her Facebook and website, and watch her perform “Billions of Eyes” live at KEXP earlier this year.

viernes, 19 de junio de 2015

Guy Fox - I Don't Know

XLR8R Podcast 391: YokoO

The busy DJ and producer presents an hour of pure listening pleasure.

Students of deep house, at least those who do more than skim the surface of what the sound has to offer, know that the French-born, Berlin-based man known as YokoO is a talented purveyor of the four-to-the-floor arts, making and playing the kind of material that hits you right in the heart while moving the rest of your body to the dance floor. It's music that's made fans out of people like Lee BurridgeKollektiv Turmstrasse and Matthew Dekay—and we think the rest of the world will soon be catching up, as his upcoming gig schedule is as packed as they come (check the video interview below for the rundown). And then there's his upcoming release schedule: There's the marble-vinyl Reach for Me EP, complete with remixes from Trus'me and Clio (among others), just released on 22 Digit; another EP outJune 29 on Kollektiv Turmstrasse’s label, Musik Gewinnt Freunde;  a cut on the upcoming summer sampler on Burridge and Dekay's All Day I Dream; a single featuring vocalistSeabourne coming out on German label Save Us in September, featuring a remix from Luc Angenehm ("one of my favorite artists lately—the young man is a genius");  a single produced with Canadian duo In2Deep coming out on L’Enfant Terrible Records later in the year, with remixes by Patlac and Gab Rhome; a three track EP on Kindisch, also coming out after the summer; and finally, a full EP release for All Day I Dream, produced in collaboration the Melbourne, Australia–based Retza.
- Bruce Tantum

La Escollera

Session Two in the La Escollera Series - A double CD
Compact Disc (CD)
Session Two of the La Escollera Sessions including tracks and remixes from A Vision of Panorama, Africaine 808, Anne Malone & B.J. Smith, Brown Sabbath, Canyon Ryde, Captain Sunshine, Cherry Garcia, Dos Palos, Faze Action, Javier Bergia, Jonny Nash, Last Waltz and Smoove, Legs Benedict, Linda Perhaps, Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra, Prins Emanuel & Golden Ivy, Quantic, Seahawks, Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper, Tempelhof & Gigi Masin, The Greg Foat Group, Tommy Guerrero, Tumi Mogorosi, Woo, Zara McFarlane.

Tucked away on the southern tip of the island in the paradisiacal Ses Salines natural reserve lies La Escollera, an exquisite eatery owned by Dani González, son of the Spanish actor Gaspar ‘Indio’ González. Next to the magical pine forest is the restaurant's beachfront terrace where resident DJs soundtrack sweltering summer afternoons with an authentic Balearic selection of undiscovered musical gems and left-of-centre audio delights that where captured on the first La Escollera CD released to critical acclaim in 2014. 

Phil Cooper and Gavin Kendrick return for the new season with a record bag full of treats and treasures, distilled here to perfection is the much-requested compilation La Escollera Session Two, the connoisseur's choice and the musical gem in the heart of the island. 

NuNorthern Soul label owner ‘Phat’ Phil Cooper, no stranger to Ibiza, was invited to play across the festive season of 2013 / 2014 and immediately fell in love with the venue and the fact he could play across the board, delving deep into his collection of rare and wonderful music picked up from years of extensive travelling. 

Gavin Kendrick has been playing on the terrace which is at the side of the restaurant for several summers, and the space allows him to spin Jazz, Folk, Rare Groove, Hip Hop, House and Soul, to quote him, ‘this special time on the island is perfect for really getting inside your music collection, airing the b-sides and album tracks that rarely otherwise get their chance to shine’. 

Tracks and remixes from A Vision of Panorama, Africaine 808, Anne Malone & B.J. Smith, Brown Sabbath, Canyon Ryde, Captain Sunshine, Cherry Garcia, Dos Palos, Faze Action, Javier Bergia, Jonny Nash, Last Waltz and Smoove, Legs Benedict, Linda Perhaps, Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra, Prins Emanuel & Golden Ivy, Quantic, Seahawks, Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper, Tempelhof & Gigi Masin, The Greg Foat Group, Tommy Guerrero, Tumi Mogorosi, Woo, Zara McFarlane.

jueves, 18 de junio de 2015

NPR's Fresh Air: 'Love & Mercy' Brings The Life Of Brian Wilson To The Big Screen

Screenwriter Oren Moverman talks with Fresh Air's Terry Gross about the film's depiction of the Beach Boy's troubled life. We'll also listen back to an interview Gross recorded with Wilson in 1988.

Paul Dano (center) co-stars in Love & Mercy as Brian Wilson in the 1960s heyday of The Beach Boys.
Paul Dano (center) co-stars in Love & Mercy as Brian Wilson in the 1960s heyday of The Beach Boys.

Mayen - Garden

domingo, 14 de junio de 2015

Verest - The Nights (Original Mix) [FREE]

Machtdose music podcast, Mayo de 2015


"Good music is good in this episode, we have (among others) Rocknrock, the Hang, floating Electronica, Hiphop, Berlin-based Techno, Vocalhouse. Get it!"
  1. blue smiley – control CC BY-NC-SA
  2. Lust Era – Tyrant CC BY-NC-SA
  3. Soapbox Soliloquy – Murder Mountain CC BY
  4. poppy nogood – collision [Fwonk* FW163] CC BY-NC-SA
  5. Ego – Moon CC BY-SA
  6. Paper Beat Scissors – Go On [Forward Music Group] CC BY-NC-ND
  7. Swarup & I.V.A. – Improvization 2 [Subwise SBWS198] CC BY-ND
  8. myk. – Where Are You Now CC BY-ND
  9. Robot Love – Where I learned to be a Deer [Outlier Recordings OUT_61] CC BY-SA
  10. F R 1 N G e23 – Bantu,A People CC BY-NC-ND
  11. Cheese N Pot-C – Old School My School [Blocsonic BSMX0110] CC BY-NC-ND
  12. Dissident – Kenoma [Opposide Records] CC BY-SA
  13. Calavera – Wandering the Sands CC BY-NC-SA
  14. Drainpuppet – Courtney CC BY-SA
  15. Sonopictorial – Authentic [Spanda Records] CC BY-NC-SA
  16. Critical Taste – Desert Rain [Phi Records] CC BY-NC-ND
  17. Phrakture – Time Is Secondary CC BY-NC
  18. Thomas Tonfeld – Passion [Horeazon Records HRZN|S005] CC BY
  19. Chris Montoya – Energy CC BY
  20. Verest – The Nights CC BY
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Girma Yifrashewa on dublab

Ethiopian pianist and composer Girma Yifrashewa visited dublab to perform live and speak with Frosty about his music. His recent album, Love and Peace, on Unseen Worlds Records is one of our favorites. Girma’s music is a joyful expression of natural beauty and an invocation of joyful serenity. Girma is in Los Angeles to perform live in concert on Wednesday, March 25th.  Click here for more information.
Girma Yifrashewa in Conversation with Frosty 

Girma blessed us with two solo piano pieces performed live on-air. Here are the songs in a standalone archive for you to enjoy. Many thanks to Roland for loaning us a an RD-800 piano for the session.
Girma Yifrashewa Live Solo Piano Performance 

This intimate performance hosted at The Carriage House will be Yifrashewa’s only Los Angeles appearance on this tour. We invite you to join us for this truly special occasion presented by Radio AfriqueDexter Story and Azla Vegan.
Born in 1967 in Addis Ababa, Girma Yifrashewa combines the ecstasy of Ethiopian harmony with the grandeur of virtuoso piano technique. Yifrashewa has trained at renowned institutions including the Yared School of Music in Ethiopia, Sofia State Conservatory in Bulgaria, the Royal Academy of Music in London, and the Hochschule fur Music Und Theater in Germany. A highly accomplished performer of classical repertoire, Yifrashewa has chosen to remain in Ethiopia, helping to forge a classical tradition for his country. Currently, Yifrashewa works to promote Ethiopian and Classical Music through cultural commissions and tours throughout Africa, Europe and beyond.