sábado, 7 de noviembre de 2015

Abra Moore - Happiness

AbraBenchWEBAbra Moore has learned a few things about music, life and the intrinsic value of happiness and balance. The quiet confidence she’s found seeps through every element of On The Way, the new record she’s made with long-time collaborator and producer Mitch Watkins. The new collection is subtle, seductive and assured. In her own words, it’s a “gentle sway” of an album. It recaptures the organic, intuitive style that led to a GRAMMY™ nomination and worldwide acclaim for her breakthrough album, Strangest Places.
“It’s not ego-based; it’s not about making a stand,” says Moore. “It’s about flowing through and capturing exactly where I was in life when I wrote these songs.” It’s been an interesting journey that brought Moore to where she is today—one that includes the tropical wilds of Hawaii, a modeling career (put away and unexpectedly revived), flirting with major label stardom and ultimately settling into a productive and satisfying life in Austin, Texas.

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