domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2015

Joni Mitchell - Taming The Tiger

Joni Mitchell
Joni's remarkable life has been documented in thousands of articles, interviews, press releases, music, and art over the course of her career. The library contains 3008 titles and counting, including articles written and interviews conducted exclusively for the website that cannot be found anywhere else. The Chronology of Appearances is another comprehensive database that provides the dates and venues of Joni's performances chronicling every known appearance from Joni's coffee house days to some of the biggest venues in the world.
It is probably safe to say that the Library and Chronology of Appearances contain the most exhaustive collection of publically available information in existence about Joni Mitchell. Sifting through all of this material to distill an accurate biography of the artist is an impossible task and no-one but Joni herself knows all of the incidents, feelings, thoughts, motivations - the many facets of the personality that make up both the inner and the outer life of this complex human being. But by utilizing the site's invaluable resources, supplementing it with material from books and other people who have played important parts in her life, and, of course, by listening to the wealth of incredible music she has created, we at feel that it is possible to search out the most reliable and comprehensive information available to piece together a portrait of the great artist.

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