viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2015

Jane Siberry - The Taxi Ride

Siberry's music is most commonly compared to artists such as Kate BushJoni Mitchell and Laurie Anderson. She has drawn from a wide variety of styles, ranging from new wave rock on her earlier albums to a reflective pop style influenced by jazzfolkgospel, classical and liturgical music in her later work. She has cited Van Morrison and Miles Davis as being strong creative influences.
Siberry has often criticized the competitive power of commercial radio and the recording industry.[6] In 2005, Siberry pioneered a self-determined pricing policy through her website[7] on which the purchaser is given the choices of: standard price (about $0.99 USD/track); pay now, self-priced; pay later, self-priced; or "a gift from Jane". In an interview with The Globe and Mail, Siberry confirmed that since she had instituted the self-determined pricing policy, the average income she receives per song from Sheeba customers is in fact slightly more than standard price.[8][9]
- Wikipedia

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