domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2015

Jennifer Warnes - The Whole of The Moon

Jennifer Warnes is one of the most renowned singers of our time. Her voice is one of the loveliest instruments in contemporary music. As a solo artist or a duet partner, on albums or in movies, Warnes sings it straight from the heart. Her voice is pure. The emotions it conveys are pure, too.
  "To this day, I'm not as interested in music as people think," says Warnes. "I'm more interested in how close we can get through the music."

  Warnes has recorded songs that have won both Grammys and Oscars, songs that have topped the pop charts and honored the most subtle aspects of art.

  Her smash duet with Joe Cocker, Up Where We Belong, is a defining example of her vocal majesty. Warnes is an artist with extraordinary emotional range. Her collaborations with Leonard Cohen - on his records, as well as on her classic album Famous Blue Raincoat - have a haunting, delicate beauty to them. For all the power and command in her voice, Warnes' singing reveals great emotional vulnerability.

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